US jobs report: Economy adds 273K jobs

Imagine that, our economic engine is firing on all cylinders. People are finding work, not just jobs but better paying jobs too.

Damn Trump…what the hell has he been doing?


We need at least 300,000 to keep up with population growth. Is that still true?

Job gains, eh? Good news!


Not it’s not, bad Trump.

Is that right libs?


Libs aren’t giving Trump credit? I mean he’s responsible for this wonderful news right?

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Oh the days of threads praising Obama’s monthly 275k job gains. I remember those.


The jobs gain definitely good news. The wage growth is lackluster to say the least.

Yes, it IS a good thing. How much of it is Trump responsible for? How much job creation during Obama’s presidency was he responsible for? Did you praise him for it then? Or maybe you did?

Good news!

it’s been years since he was in office

snap out of it


what should the wage growth be? when does it get “luster?”

based on what?

how about you just tell us when it becomes trump’s economy

that will answer all your questions

That’s my point. It isn’t Trump’s economy, nor was it Obama’s. People overestimate how much influence a president actually has on the economy.

Well, when we’ve been at full employment for a while now, I’d expect real median earnings to raise at an annualized rate of more than 1%. Especially when corporations got a disproportionate, deficit fueled tax windfall. I also wouldn’t expect the growth rate to be half of what it was in the preceding period before Trump assumed office.


good point, actually

there’s hope for you yet

they do have influence tho. just not total control

Of course Trump has had influence. “We’re going to gut regulation!” and “Here’s your corporate tax cut!” inspired business confidence and investment. BTW, if Republicans could focus on sensibly implementing the second, and not screwing our environment and consumers with the first, I could actually vote for them.

Oh we remember ya’lls opinions of 275k a month job reports quite clearly not too long ago.

True. Obama didn’t need to run $1trillion deficits in 2016 to create more jobs than Trump. I guess Trump needed a bit more control.


leftist dunce talking point baloney

theres no “screwing the environment”

tax cuts on corporations helps grow the company and make jobs. not reward fat greedy “capitalists” like the fool left preaches

snap out of this stupid nonsense

snap out of it. time to move on. dot org