US jobs report: Economy adds 273K jobs

funny that republicans dont care about participation rate anymore…

Google it yourself.

As I just said, I’m fine with corporate tax cuts sensibly implemented. It’s funding them with massive deficits, and including a huge windfall for the already wealthy, that I have a problem with. As you saw in 2018, and you’ll see in November, so do a lot of other Americans.

awe. hate borrowing now huh!? how noble.

gotta love the “google it!” defense

almost as “funny” as how you never make sense

You guy’s have been touting Trump’s economy comparatively to Obama’s this whole time. Why do you want to stop comparing them now? Isn’t that the whole point of elections? Who is better?

It’s not a “defense”. It’s an acknowledgment that the examples are way too numerous to list. From coal, to Zinke, to the EPA… nope, you’re not gonna suck me in.

Google it yourself.

“you guys” lol

the economy is doing well by all accountable measures.

so so sorry

“suck you in?” to what? lol

you tell me to “google it!” in response to your position, then become defiant about being “sucked in”

Sigh… suck me in to doing your work.

why would you accuse me of that after you told me to go google what you think?

this forum is like the twilight zone of incomprehensible rejects of reality

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prosperity is the enemy of democrats

But why are those “measures” of determination shifting?

Not really. By all measures prosperity was growing under Obama at the same pace. I’m not complaining about Trump. I’m trying to understand why the change in judgement?

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because the democrats want you to think it’s the “worst economy in 50 years”

but you know better because you’re not a robot idiot.

Sigh… you’re right. I should have provided links to dozens of examples of appointing administrators from regulated industries, converting protected land for development, anti-environmental executive orders up the wazoo. Shirley that would’ve caused you to objectively consider your position, rather than knee-jerk it. It wouldn’t have been a waste of my time.

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Who has said that?

yeah your soul searching quest for truth


That’s all you got? Why was 275k bad under Obama with a $475bil deficit, but 275k is good under Trump with a $1trillion deficit?