US House passes bill to cut funding for 87,000 new IRS agents

Looks like they are starting off on the right theme.

Hopefully they will next pass a bill adding 87,000 new border agents.
Since the this cutting the IRS agents is not likely to pass the Senate and WH, they could pass a bill stipulating tht the new agents be used for I-9 verification, enforcement and prosecution. (The I-9 is an IRS form, silly if not enforced by which an employer verifies the identity and employment eligibility of new hires. Currently it is enforced via the honor system.)

From NYPost version below:

House passes bill nixing $72 billion in funding for 87,000 new IRS agents

In one of the new Republican House majority’s first legislative moves on Monday, the body passed a bill rescinding $72 billion in spending on 87,000 new IRS agents.

House Resolution 23, or the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act, passed the lower chamber in a 221 to 210 vote along party lines.

. . . .“This was our very first act of the new Congress, because government should work for you, not against you,” McCarthy wrote on Twitter. “Promises made. Promises kept.”

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Related article from Saturday:

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Technical correction.

The I-9 is not an IRS Tax Form, it’s actually a Department of Homeland Security form which verifies legal status for eligibility to work, it does nothing with taxes and therefore isn’t within the preview of the IRS. (Of course if IRS Auditors find evidence of illegal work status during an audit, they can refer them to law enforcement.)

I-9’s are eligibility to work, W-4’s are the IRS Forms that have to do with employee tax elections.

Also, I agree 100% that ramped up enforcement of employment eligibility is need to help address the illegal alien problem both for employers that hire illegals on the books with false reporting and those that hire illegal aliens “under the table” for cash.


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Based on CBO scoring the cost of the additional IRS staff was $80 Billion, the expected increase in revenue from the ensuring that people comply with the tax law’s was $200 Billion.

So in this case instead of reducing debt it will actually increase debt be reducing revenue.


(BTW - I’m on the side of ■■■■ canning the current monstrosity of a tax code and replacing it with something much simpler.)


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It was 87K over 10 years. During that time, tens of thousands of IRS employees would be retiring. It’s not an immediate increase of 87K ‘agents’.

The additional staff was expected to bring in billions in revenue. The CBO has scored this bill as a deficit increase.

Yay for idiotic showboat bills that cost us money!

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If it is so run-of-the-mill and would have been done anyway
then why did it get stuffed inside an unamendable omnibus showboat “inflation reduction” bill?


I think it is an increase in the staff. it’s just not 87K tomorrow! It’s 87K over ten years during which tens of thousands will retire. So a strategic, slow increase of staff - I don’t think they are all ‘agents’ - that, according to the CB, would increase revenue by 200B over the same 10 years.

If we’re going to bother to have a tax code, shouldn’t we also have an IRS capable of collecting it?

Edit: the omnibus bill funds the government. This is part of the government. Where else should this be?

So when the Biden administration said it would be used for inflation reduction they were lying.
and when they said it would be used for increased enforcement, especially regarding the rich, they were lying.

I am thinking what the WH said then was true and right now you are probably just making up stuff.

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Isn’t bringing in more money, so we have to borrow less, good for reducing inflation?

The additional staff - which would not be 87K tomorrow - would be targeting the higher income, more complicated returns, where the money is. That was my understanding, yes. But it’s not 87K tomorrow. It’s 87K over ten years less the attrition from retirements over that same period of time.

The 87,000 figure refers to a May 2021 estimate from the Treasury Department of the total number of employees — not just auditors — the I.R.S. proposes to hire over the next 10 years with funding requested by Mr. Biden. And while the I.R.S. plans to conduct more audits, wealthy Americans and businesses will bear the brunt of that scrutiny, not, as Republicans have suggested, working families.

Among the I.R.S.’s work force of about 79,000 employees, 10,000 are actually agents. (Of those, 8,000 are revenue agents who audit tax filings and 2,000 are special agents who investigate potential tax crimes.) In fact, the two most common I.R.S. jobs have little to do with tax auditing or investigations: about 13,000 are customer service representatives who answer taxpayer phone calls and 10,000 are seasonal employees who file mail or transcribe data. Other jobs include lawyers, examiners, technicians and appeals officers.

The additional funding for to the I.R.S. will allow the agency to modernize its infrastructure and replace an aging work force, and it is unclear just how many full-time employees or agents will be hired in the next decade, Treasury Department officials said. The majority of those new employees will replace the 52,000 expected to retire in the near future, the officials said, and many will focus on customer service and updating the agency’s technology infrastructure — not investigating the finances of ordinary Americans.

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Thank you for your service.

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Scenario 1:
The WH hired 87,000 new agents and was telling the truth. They would be new agents used to increase enforcement especially against the rich.
IOW you are making stuff up

Scenarios 2:
The WH made up stuff and you are telling the truth. The 87,000 ne agents would have been hired anyway. They would have done absolutely zero difference. It was part of an inflation reduction bill but it would have done zero things differently.

Which one?

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Hey I’m fine with Republicans giving me much less of a chance to be audited.

I wouldn’t have had a problem with these additional IRS agents if they’d enforced the 1986 law put into effect after legalizing over 12,0000 illegal aliens. They were authorized to prosecute any business that hired an illegal alien. Now…ask yourself which side of the aisle didn’t enforce this agreement that became law? Both sides are equally guilty.

This will be like all those times the House of Representin’ voted to repeal Obamacare, and then had to send it to the Dem senate to die.

The left will never get rid of their jack booted thugs. They can’t hold power without them.


This one:

They don’t care, because sticking it to Biden looks better on FoxNews.

The Republican proposal to eliminate billions of dollars in IRS funding will pile more than $100 billion onto federal deficits, according to a new estimate from Congress’s official budget scorekeeper.

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Like I said earlier… thanks low income republicans for lowering my chances of being audited.

For some reason, low income republicans think the irs is after them

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Nah, they are going to audit you, it’s a systemically racist country after all.


They won’t after the GOP guts them. They will then only have the skill and the manpower to got after poor people… like the republicans supporting this bill.

I’m cool with it

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