US forces in Syria, How many, How long, and At what cost?

With numerous threads going to to bitch about our current move in Syria let’s just let all of the loudest and most vociferous have a chance to go on record in one thread.

Exactly how many troops does the US need to keep in Syria?

What types of Troops?

What is their mission?

At what cost in lives, broken bodies, destroyed equipment and dollars?

Lets just throw all the options in a bucket, shake them up and have Trump randomly pick one out.

Because that’s what he’s done here.

You want to have a strategy? Have a strategy. This thoughtless nonsense done on a whim without warning to our own troops or allies is on Trump and his supporters to defend.


It doesn’t matter what any of us believe American foreign policy should look like in an era where decisions are based around who can personally benefit Trump the most. The Kurds couldn’t, so they were tossed onto the same scrap heap that most people involved with Trump end up on at some point in their lives.


a large amount of forces isn’t need I think the current number is around 1,000. (I support Canada taking part in this operation and sending forces).

the most important part before leaving is making peace agreement between the Kurd, Syrian and Turk. America was in a strong position to be the leader of these talk due to their support of Kurdish forces and a major ally to Turkey.

we defeated ISIL which was our goal, the next phase should have been negotiating prisoner transfers with the Syrian government (some 10,000 + people are currently being detained by Kurdish forces).

after that we should have worked out a non-aggression agreement with the Syrian government to allow the Kurdish people to live autonomously.

after that we should have worked out a non-aggression agreement with Turkey to ease tension on the border, we can pressure the Kurd to end their support of PKK at behest of Turkey.

then we can remove forces from the country and hope these agreement stand.


That all sounds great but you didn’t answer the questions.

How many of what type troops? Where? How many are you willing to sacrifice?

Everything you say we should be doing has been done for years.

What is your new strategy exactly?

we are passed the need for combat operation ISIL is defeated U.S only need enough forces in the region to allow them a plate at the diplomatic table. I didn’t attend West Point so I have no idea what the number should be.

my issue is leaving without a pathway to stabilization.

Clearly if Trump had not removed those 50 troops for personal political gain there would be peace in the Middle East forever by now.

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The Pathway to stabilization certainly exists, they are Turkey’s neighbor so any long term stability is dependent on the Turks.

and we are in a strong position to pressure Turkey into doing what we want, Trump drew a land in the sand and said don’t cross it when he allowed them to move into Northern Syria. They have passed that line (attacking civilians, journalist, etc).

What Trump does next will define if America has room at the table or not.

You don’t seem to understand what it’s like to deal with the Turks.

The only way to stop the Turks from doing what they are determined to do is with a whole lot of blood and broken bodies. They are also some of the most capable and determined fighters in the world.

Just how many Canadian lives would you be willing to sacrifice to stop their offensive?

I’m not the one who gave them a ultimatum that was Trump.

I could just as easily post -

Clearly if Trump had kept the 50 troops there, Turkey would have attacked them and set off an inter-NATO war.

But I won’t. Because it would be monumentally dumb to claim that you guys are arguing that. Wait, you guys are arguing that. Wow, that’s hilarious.


Who said that besides you, just now?

Why not deal in reality? The reality is, last week, Trump took a phone call, and unbeknownst to his military advisers or our allies, decided on a whim, without any strategic reasoning, to tell Erdogan to have at it.

If a withdrawal or movement of forces was his choice, why not do it in consultation with his beloved generals? Why give no warning to our own troops or allies? Why not have some sort of strategic reasoning for his decisions?

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Well you’re good at volunteering Americans into combat and have unlimited criticism for what’s happening now so stand up and be counted.

How many Canadian lives would you be willing to sacrifice to stop this offensive?

What do you base your understanding of the Turks on exactly?

Have you ever even met a Turk much less worked with or observed their military in action?

What has been there record as a US ally since 1992 been?

What sort of ultimatum did Erdogan delver to Trump?

How ever many, U.S military requests.

Your the big boy Trump made the ultimatum.

How much warning was Trump Given? What exactly was said by Erdogan?

It’s amazing that on a day where the very real effects of Donald Trump’s thoughtless decisions are visible to the world, his supporters demand we deal in rhetorical thought games designed to shirk any responsibility for Trump’s choices.


No, apparently Erdogan did.

Man up, it won’t cost you anything. Tell us exactly how many Canadian lives you’d be willing to sacrifice to stop this offensive?

Are you asking me where I get the opinion that the Turks would not have attacked US forces in the Middles East, in order to get at the Kurds? Your asking for my credentials on that opinion? A brain stem?

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