US forces in Syria, How many, How long, and At what cost?

So what you actually have is nothing. Thanks for clearing it up.

Tell us exactly how many US soldiers would have died and how many US dollars spent to prevent the Turkish offensive of the last week?

Newsflash: Nobody here has anything but opinions.

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And the value of an opinion is the source and what it’s based on.

Trump issued an ultimatum to Turkey.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1084584259510304768&^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1084586625672376322&

Turkey has already openly killed civilians and journalist and moved passed the 20 km safe zone they said.

now Trump need to put on his big boy pants and carry though.


Okay. Are you saying my opinion that the Turks would not have attacked US forces in Syria to get at the Kurds is mistaken? What’s the faulty source of that opinion other than my Avatar name?

How about answering the questions?

Exactly how many troops does the US need to keep in Syria?

What types of Troops?

What is their mission?

At what cost in lives, broken bodies, destroyed equipment and dollars?

And the other question you keep dodging.

How many Canadian lives would you be willing to sacrifice to stop this offensive?

BTW, 20mi is not 20km. A Km equals .6miles.

I’m saying it’s baseless. You have no idea what Erdogan said to Trump or how long this has been brewing.

I answered your question in my first two posts.

I can’t cite numbers because I’m not a military strategist, I didn’t attend West Point.
I assume due to the chaos currently happening the thing I outlined in my first post never happened.

The ones that were there.

I never said I did.

All I have said is that Turkey was never going to attack US ground troops in order to get the Kurds to kill them, which is what they are doing now.

If I tell you my dad used to run a Turkish rug store would that help? (It’s not true, but will it help?)

They attacked US forces already as part of this offensive.

You’ve made it clear that you have absolutely no basis other than partisan anger for your statements which I do appreciate you clearing up.

It seem that Turkey think the U.S military is weak willed.

No you haven’t you keep dodging them.

Once again, how many Canadian lives would you be willing to sacrifice to stop this offensive? It’s not a difficult question, just give it an honest answer.

However many is required.

No, they certainly do not believe that.

What they seem to understand is that the people of the US are war weary and not willing to sacrifice hundreds or thousands of more lives in a new war in Syria.

I’ve made the basis for for my opinion crystal clear - common sense. I have not tried to present it any other way.

What statements do you need me to “clear up”?

You have nothing to base it on period which is perfectly clear.

You’re right. I have absolutely nothing on which to base my opinion that Turkey was not going to attack US ground forces in order to get at the Kurds to kill them. There is absolutely nothing to support that.

Finally a straight answer, thank you.