US assisting Russia against Turkey

We have reached a point where the US is assisting Russian forces against a NATO member. Does this have a precedent at all? US SOF operating with Russian SOF? Only Trump’s unmatched wisdom could have seen this one coming.

Unbelievable. Trump has not only retreated from protecting our allies who helped us in the fight against ISIS, but he will also go down as the man who ceded control to Russia, going so far as to help them.

Under Trump’s administration we will have seen the US abandon its role as the lone superpower on the world stage. Watch for the rise of Russia and China in our place. Be proud Trump supporters. You will have a special place in history.


Trump is so tough on Russia. The toughest.

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Maybe when Warren or Bernie wins they can take us on another apology tour,.

Only If there is a large glowing ball involved


Are you in the right thread? Because that has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.

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The issue isn’t that they are assisting, the issue is whether it’s ok that they are withdrawing.

Helping Russia means…helping the Kurds. I’m soooooo confused as to what libs want? Can libs be satisfied?

But Trump told Erdogan it was OK and he was pulling out US troops, but now Trump says it is not OK and we have to get a NATO adversary to work against a NATO partner? I’m so confused also.

What was “ok”? Do you have a link you’d like to post to explain your assertion?

No their hatred for the president has made them neocons. Obama’s foreign policy record from letting the JV team run amok across Iraq and Syria ethnically cleaning the Yazidis, removing Qaddafi from power ushering in Jihadists to feel the void, as well as the European migrant crisis, and slave trade. The not following through on the red line which brought in Russia to Syria in the first place, the takeover of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine by Russia, not arming the Ukraine when desperately in need.

They are in no high ground to talk about foreign policy.

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All this because the President wimped out on a call with Erdogan. I am not sure we can fully imagine the danger of a call with Putin represents.

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IOW…you have nothing to support your assertion and start a thread against helping save Kurdish lives? Do you realize just how deranged that is? Seriously? Do you?

Many here are getting upset when I use the word sheople to describe the manipulation by the forces that exist, to perpetuate their agenda and herd their followers. This thread is a perfect example. Check out the other threads complaining about the treatment the Kurds are currently enduring from Turkey. Now Trump has our forces provide a pathway for the Russians to enter the area and save Kurd lives from Turkey. The mainstream media doesn’t want anything positive to be circulated about Trump so they feed this sheople food. Sheople eat it up and then come bleet it out in this thread stating orange man baaa, baaa, baaad. Look in the mirror and be the people that you are and not the sheople that are simply being manipulated for their political purposes.

He got the Kurds killed and displaced before ‘helping’ them. And he is not even helping them. The assertion that Trump gives a ■■■■ about the Kurds is the assertion lacking evidence.

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Did not want the Kurds to lose their homes and lives in the first place and were saying this was terrible policy by the President before the Turks rolled across the border. If Trump truly cared he would have told Turkey crossing the border was a no go and be specific about US policy responses versus… nothing. Trump is not saving anyone. To think otherwise is deranged.

GW…GW? Oh yeah…that President who got us into both the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars with absolutely NO PLAN what so ever? That GW? The one who created ISIS because of his ignorance regarding the country he chose to invade, based on bull feces intelligence of WMDs? You have gall my friend but not much credibility.

I did bounce you off the wall and I appreciate you acknowledging that. Thanks. :sunglasses:

I don’t think Trump gives a rat’s ass about the Kurds. What he cares about is getting reelected and he knows that he just pissed me off and many like me…for bailing on the Kurds without any game plan.

You’ll vote for him again. And you’ll do it happily.