"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research

Bad news happens for Trump…old tired recycled Hillary threads are trotted out again.

Like clockwork.

Your facts still don’t appear to be facts, unless you are creating alternative facts.

If he doesn’t find any wrongdoing, does that mean he is corrupt too?


For some people, Hillary is like that turd they keep trying to flush away, but no matter how often they flush, her smiling face keeps floating back up. Haunting them.


I said it once, I will say it a hundred times. There are many reasons Clinton should be jailed: for the uranium one deal, the fast and furious deal, and even the 2016 general election. She is very dirty, and it is a crime she is not a prisoner.

OP, please post how much Uranium we exported to Russia, in say 2010-2012, before Uranium One exported any.

Did you think it was a secret that Mueller and Rosenstein buried it?

Wrong doing?

As Margaret says, we don’t argue about politics on here anymore. We spend our time having to argue about reality.


If you say so

Your alternate reality or mine?

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Is that another one of your facts, opinions or alternative facts?

All of the above.

I’m not in an alternate reality.

On the old board, I led a many page thread and OP about how the Uranium One conspiracy theory was too stupid to live, and that was 3 years or so ago.

Since you’re a conspiracy theorist, I’m not terribly interested in spending the time going through why it’s such a silly conspiracy theory again because facts and reality don’t matter to a conspiracy theorist.

You’re all geeked up about December 5th and Huber’s testimony. I’ve read you say you expect Mueller to be arrested on that day. I’m not even going to entertain that possibility.

What I am more interested in is what will be the conspiracy theorists explanation when the 5th comes and goes, Uranium One is still not a thing, Mueller is still not indicted, and nothing changes.

You’ll have to go to some pretty wild places to avoid having to admit you were wrong and believed a bunch of gibberish, but I fully expect that is what will happen.


You’re kidding, people are saying Mueller is going to be arrested!!!

Too Hilarious. Got any links.

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Weedhopper will tell you all about it.

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Speaking of Hillary, this speech 8 days before the election, is ■■■■■■■ mind boggling.



I did not know that.

Hey brother, is Mueller getting indicted next week?

Will see on the 5Th.