UNITY is Finally Here

Everybody hates Kamala Harris - we have bipartisan consensus.

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Conan…Guatemala must not like cookies? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Who was the last popular and highly respected VP? George H. W.?

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Smokescreen. They’re not really at odds with each other. :wink:

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Some enterprising bakery should mass produce those cookies.

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Biden. Lol.



I don’t hate Kamala however she is a lightweight.


what in the creepy hell is this?


haha brilliant

haha. good lord

H: “we’ve been to the border”

Lester: “you havent been to the border”

H: “i dont understand the point youre making?”

such powerful leadership

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Biden and harris need to teach them a lesson. withhold aid or call them nasty names until they show respect. :roll_eyes:

Countries now know they can’t manipulate pres or vp with fancy parades, lavish banquets, military lineups, golden orbs, false praises and false admiration. Glad these countries are free to speak their minds. Not lies and kiss the ring to get on the good side of the president.

She’s what happens when an unlikable woman sleeps her way up.

willy brown might still like her.


when she assumes comrade Biden’s job, she’ll be the exalted queen once more

Define “everyone”.

I’s without a face.

Gautamala Hondoras and Mexico blame Biden for border debacle.

Why do Cons not like strong black women?

Progressive Democrats only care about skin color, as exemplified by this post.


why did you make this racial?


“race” is all they have to be relevant

they must keep racism alive.