Unemployment claims lowest in 44 years

It’s a miracle! God Bless Trump!!!

Your chart is typical LIB propaganda. The U.S. will always recover from a recession. Presidents can only influence how quickly that recovery takes place. Obama’s recovery was the slowest on record.

And if you look closely at the chart, you will see it begin to flatten in 2016. The drop in 2017-2018 has nothing to do with Obama’s anti-business policies and everything to do with Trump’s pro growth policies.

Indeed, those pro-growth policies that resulted in fewer jobs added his first year than any year in Obama’s second term.


You can’t make this stuff up.

Everything bad that happened in Obama’s 8 years was Bush’s fault and everything good that has and will happen in Trump’s presidency will be due to Obama’s policies - that are being systematically dismantled.

Only in a LIB bizarro world.

That’s a nice strawman.

Actually, it is being played out right here in this thread. The silly chart was with accompanying comments was meant to portray exactly what I stated.

Obama is the anointed one. His administration was scandal free; everything bad that happened was Bush’s fault; his legacy was inherited by Trump and everything good that happens in Trump’s presidency will be due to Obama.

That is the real cult here. The Obama cult.

More jobs were created under Obama in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 than under Trump in 2017.

2013: 2.302 million
2014: 2.998 million
2015: 2.713 million
2016: 2.240 million
2017: 2.188 million


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His chart is on the money. Obama was blamed for the Bush recession before he ever took office by our gracious host and his friend Rush.

When Obama was president, all positive economic news was labeled as cooked books and right wingers found fault with EVERY jobs report.

Now that Trump proclaims MAGA and takes credit, and you lap it up like a loyal servant.

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Good news is useless to 50% of the population. No matter what it is.

Lol … data doesn’t lie

As I’ve demonstrated in the past, data can be interpreted any number of ways.

I could have sworn the thread was about Unemployment claims. :confused:

But isn’t that exactly what LIBs in this forum are doing. You are faithfully reciting LW talking points.

Wouldn’t there be less jobs to “create”?

I don’t see how a President creates jobs anyway.

You make a good point. There are only so many people in the U.S. Once we reach full employment, there certainly will be less jobs created.

So by DEM standards, that must be a bad thing - in which case it is Trump’s fault; unless of course that is a good thing in which case Obama gets to take the credit.

I’m still having trouble keeping things straight in the LIB’s bizarro world.

Lap what up? I see libs here happy with every new great jobs report . That’s in stark contrast to the way right wingers, both in the media and politics and forum, reacted to Obama job reports.

Mega dittos! :smirk:

I’ve been supportive of the jobs reports under Trump, even thanking Trump. Conservatives on this board never talked positively about the jobs reports under Obama. Under Trump similar reports are lauded. Very hypocritical.

What is the trend in each of those years, more or fewer jobs being created?

Got something to back that statement up champ?

No. It can be spun in many right wing ways. The reaaaaallll unemployment amirite