UK Home Secretary Plans to Deport Migrants to Rwanda

Safe routes to break into Britain? That sounds like the Biden plan to stop illegal crossings by randomly bringing in 30,000 a month and granting amnesty. That is on the par with ending bank robbery by allowing unauthorized withdrawals of funds from banks at will.
I wouldn’t blame Tories for ending massive immigration but would if they don’t stop those boats.
Democrats or their European equivalents are all so concerned about asylum but never have an answer to the vast majority of amnesty claims being fake. If this can’t be resolved, then it’s time to deny those amnesty claims altogether, no matter what anecdotes the left can come up with.

Security is having a closed and locked door that you can then choose who to let in.

Security is not having a wide open door with no lock and hoping you can find the bad ones to remove later.


As often as not, the legitimate asylum seekers are seeking asylum because their murderous version of Islam is not accepted in their home countries . . . thus they are seeking asylum. They are the worst of the worst.

However they already have asylum once they are in Italy or Spain or France.

Illegally traveling to the UK to falsify documents and make false claims is,
in the UK’s political world, accepted by some and treated as if it is a legitimate act of asylum-seeking.

:point_up: :point_up: the worst of the worst pretending to be asylum seekers. :point_up: :point_up:

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Who do you feel started the very real culture war?


Otto von Bismarck

Interesting excerpt

Kulturkampf, (German: “culture struggle”), the bitter struggle (c. 1871–87) on the part of the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck to subject the Roman Catholic church to state controls.

The government was trying to control a church, again.

Elected or otherwises governments do that.“You elected us so we should tell you what to think.”

It’s an idiotic idea. As if the electorate is intelligent in the voting booth an says “I am too stupid to choose A or B but I am smart enough to choose who should command me which to choose.” No voter ever thought that, but it has become some people’s basis for government.

Anyway. That’s an historical tangent. I now return the thread to its topic.

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Bismarck was a staunch protestant and a sectarian bigot, thats why he wanted to reign in the Catholics.

Fair enough, but I fear you missed my point.
Let me try it this way.

Imagine that Government has three purposes and one of the following does not belong, Choose the one that does not belong.

The proper purposes of Government include

  • Prevent crimes such as rape and murder
  • Protect the border
  • Manage the economy (eg. inflation vs unemployment)
  • Tell people what to think and what kind of government people should support

we have different immigration laws than the UK.


Thank you for that really stupid post. Better luck next time though. lol

and I often recommend changing laws.

Jim Crow laws? We changed 'em.
Stupid immigration law? let’s change that too.
Bad tax law? Hey let’s change the law.

wild huh?

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Just a tad bit further back.

There are 2 on your list.

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Yes, but we’re already on a tangent
I didn’t want to start a second one on such young thread

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I[quote=“biggestal99, post:50, topic:244419, full:true”]

we have different immigration laws than the UK.


That doesn’t imply that laws can’t be changed I assume.

Congress changes alws all the time.
That’s one of the main things it does.

Folks on this board advocate changes in law all the time.
That’s one of the main things we do.

Why did Tony Blair not allow white farmers from Zimbabwe to be granted asylum?

He did

There were a lot of “ifs” in that. Several farmers got hacked to bits while waiting for the bureaucrats in London to allow them asylum, months after Mugabe intensified violence against them.

Britain is not responsible for violence in Zimbabwe