UK Home Secretary Plans to Deport Migrants to Rwanda

I would like to see this become a general model and adopted here in the US.



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Send the illegals home. So easy, Britain can do it!


Yes! someting like that.

The deportees are mostly but not exclusively"seeking asylum" and they have crossed through a safe country to get to England. (They are parallel Guatemalans who cross several countries to come to the US and claim asylum.)

And the UK has agreed to write some sort of check to the Rwanda Government.

From the Bloomberg article

On Saturday, Ms Braverman visited housing which is set to be used for migrants - with properties equipped with gardens, off-street parking and capacity for fibre-optic broadband.

The cheapest houses on the Riverside Estate in Kigali would cost potential buyers £14,000 and are due to be offered to both asylum seekers and Rwandans.

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Well geewhiz, I had to build my own gardens, carve my own gravel driveway, and fiber-optic isn’t even an option yet out here. Lucky them. :rofl:


From the link:

“This will not only help dismantle criminal human-smuggling networks but also save lives,” he said.

The UK’s Conservative government has made tackling illegal immigration a priority, and it was a key promise as the country left the European Union.

It is seeking to outlaw asylum claims by asylum seekers who arrive illegally and transfer them to “safe” third countries, such as Rwanda, in a bid to stop thousands of migrants from crossing the Channel on small boats.

Those in the human smuggling business clearly see how much money can be made by expanding the definition of asylum as well as offering to bring phony asylum seekers to the countries they prefer to go to. This whole asylum seeker phenomenon is very interesting as it really looks at the issues of national sovereignty and international laws/agreements. Consider this from the link:

The United Nations’ refugee agency urged British lawmakers to reconsider the plan, saying it would be a “clear breach of the Refugee Convention” and amount to an “asylum ban.”

The government says the new law, once approved by Parliament, will deter migrants and hobble smuggling gangs who send desperate people on hazardous journeys across one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the law would let Britain “take back control” of its borders — a central pledge of the successful but divisive campaign to take Britain out of the European Union.

UK Home Secretary Plans to Deport Migrants to Rwanda



Breach the convention away.

This is highly controversial in the UK. Some huge issues with the plan is that illegal immigrant men women and children will have no protection from the UKs protections for those who are victims of modern slavery.

The tories are doing absolutely nothing to crack down on the illegal people trafficking rings. In fact they will encourage it because the traffickers know those they get into the country will fall outside the law and really have nothing to worry about.

Thank god the Tories will be out at the next general election.

A problem entirely created by Tories for their culture war nonsense.

“Take back control” turned out to be yet another Brexit lie.

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Its their stated strategy

Don’t deport me Biden , Obama deported me once … once!

CDC is in Atlanta … just saying…

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It does amuse me that people seek Asylum form France and Italy and all the
other countrie they travel through to then get on a small boat and travel to the UK.

I never realized how evil and oppressive France and Italy are.

But apparently thousands are saying
“Help me Help me I am living in France. I must seek asylum. I am no different than a torture victim”

Having actually worked worked for Amnesty International and deposed actual torture victims I think such phony asylum seekers are criminals who put bona fide asylees at risk of rejection.


Camel activists protest attempts to remove rampaging camels from the tent: “This is the new normal and they should shut up about the camels. They were wrong to gripe about the camel’s nose and they’re wrong about this now!”

Your analogy fails.

The Tories have caused the channel crossings.

They closed the safe routes for people to claim asylum and when we left the EU, France no longer had an obligation to stop the boats.

This is the result.

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People shouldn’t even try to come where they don’t belong. Deport them all. Get the camel out of the tent.

Britain has a long history of providing safe haven to people fleeing war and persecution.

It is something to be proud of.

So? They are allowed to change their mind. People should not impose themselves … they can ask to come in.

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