Uhm, anyone notice the stock market today? 10/10/18


I heard it was 800


Confession is good for the soul. Feel better?


You best be getting off some lawns, old dude coming through.


Otherwise Bezos would be killing it in a trumplandia


And during the same time from 2016 during Obama’s last year…


dow futures right now indicating 350 lower tomorrow on the open


Yeah I made it up

from https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/10/investing/stock-market-today-techs-falling/index.html

Stocks are in the midst of a scary October slump, sliding sharply because investors are worried about rising interest rates.

from https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/10/10/why-stock-market-went-down-so-much/1593803002/

Nervousness had been building for days on Wall Street. The catalyst was the recent spike in the yield on a closely watched government bond to a seven-year high.

from https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dow-jones-plunges-stock-and-bond-prices-drop-wednesday/

Stock prices have been hurt lately by fast-rising interest rates. On Wednesday, the 10-year yield once again touched its highest level in seven years.

Interest rates began spurting higher after several encouraging reports on the economy. Higher rates can slow economic growth, erode corporate profits and make investors less willing to pay high prices for stocks.


There wasn’t anywhere else to put your money, zero fed rate, piss poor T-bill returns, ie, crappy economy being propped up by the fed. Yay Obama.


That’s an ugly candle


Lol ya the P/E ratios were all lies


No, they weren’t lies but.

The r-squared value of 0.0006 in Figure 1 shows that EPS growth over the past five years explains less than one tenth of one percent of the difference in price between stocks in the S&P 500. Stocks can see their PE multiples expand and contract in a manner that has almost nothing to do with changes in EPS, which makes looking at these metrics a poor indicator of valuation or future returns.https://community.hannity.com/c/politics


This is the Trump stock market. The unnecessary trade war with Jyna (China), the stupid and pointless renege on the JCPOA and subsequent US sanctions on Iran, perhaps the deficit inflating tax cuts, the general uncertainty, all are coming home to squat. Investors are waking up to the smell of failure.


Well this post didn’t age well. After only a few hours.



Yes, today was a horrible day for a lot of people.

Expect the casino websites to surge while pinched investors chase the dragon.


Lol failure? Is that what you call the fed raising interest rates to try and cool down a hot economy?


About two weeks ago. My bank raised savings rates October 1.


World SeriesBetting is on fire today


Today wasn’t a good day on the market either. I hope this doesn’t continue.


Most people ranting about a down don’t usually own stocks. Surely you Trump haters didn’t stay in the market after he was elected. Should be no worries. You predicated this and got out right away. I recall you heavily were warned.


Sabotaging the market/economy is underway.