Uhm, anyone notice the stock market today? 10/10/18


There it is. Conan finally admits that Liberals can turn small start-up companies to industry giants. He admits that Liberal policies work. Thanks Conan.


It so sad how someone can live his life being so ill informed and chin deep into the sludge called InfoWars. He thinks Amazon is liberal…at the bare min they are center-right. Bezo had to be pulled kicking and screaming to do right by his workers. Facebook lobbiest threw Judge Jav a party after he was sworn into the Cult of Trump.


It’s October - how could you possibly have that much room left under the cap?


I remember that era. Economically, it sucked. There was actually a misery index.


You realize companies can’t control their own stock prices, don’t you?


I’ll be looking to do some shopping as well on this pull back, IBB is a good bet for long term investors.


Very well put.


Kayne you need to be realistic.


If Jeff Bezos, say, exposed himself to a choir of nuns, I’d say he could intentionally sink Amazon back below $1200 anyway… :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it is so much about inflation as it is about the rise in interest rates. That is what the chatter has been by the commentators on TV have been saying anyhow. Here is an article:

We’ll have to give it a few days for the dust to settle to see if this is going to be a sustained down trend though. It’s all about valuation and we are just getting into earnings season. Although there is also some chatter that companies will be more bearish on their guidance.


Gold did nothing today. Also I’m not so sure if gold will rally with rising interest rates. Aren’t rising interest rates good for the dollar, which consequently should be bad for gold?


Is a 3% change a “big spike”?


There are two axis on a graph buddy.


No ■■■■, Sherlock. What’s your point?

Today the market dropped a measly 3% Big ■■■■■■■ deal. In 1929 it dropped 25% for comparison.


Very much so. I never said it wasn’t. We’ll have to wait and see if this is really the beginning of a further big leg down or just another bump (albeit big) in a continued long term up trend.


Unhinged!!! Frothing!!!


Um thanks dood


From 1/26/18 through today…


They will sacrifice their own mother’s retirement income just to get revenge on the man who beat the witch Clinton.


I’m well aware of liberals’ dark souls.