Uhm, anyone notice the stock market today? 10/10/18


“INCOMING!!” KaBoom!


Shift the blame. No accountability. Its the Jews


The market has been overheated all year, particularly the tech sector. There’s not a truly rational why reason large caps like Netflix and Amazon should have been up 60% since beginning of the year (I say this as one whose largest individual holding is Amazon).

Now, of course, there is some irrational selling going on…


Actually, the people getting out of the market here (at least they typed so) was the followers of Spinach (he pushed to get out and buy gold when Obama took over).

I’ve been trading and contributing to my retirement vehicles all along. I’d say most people here have ridden the 9 year wave on up.


No worries we are still in the range of the market that trump fully recovered. It would have to fall a lot to become a market that trump inherited.


Yeah. Trump rally inherited a bad economy.

Is this the kind of trash that Republican Media pushes?


I was just using word play like liberals did when Obama was president.


What is your basis for this assertion?


Can you elaborate at all on this?

What liberals are undermining the economy in any way and how in any way have you been seeing the economy undermined?

I think you’re just typing stuff to type it.


I don’t know how far you are from the seat of government, nor do I know about the stamina of the horse or the skill of its rider headed in your direction, but the Pony Express only reached my town with the news on the ninth, so it fits like a puzzle piece.


Oh ■■■■, I may have caused Black Monday in 1987…

As a note, if you get this bright idea as a kid, don’t hang the damn sign in the window facing the street.


If you did, I was seventeen at the time, so I seek no reparations.


A president doesn’t control the stock market. The irony of all this is that the Market rallied to all time highs on the DOW and consequently sold off on essentially the same news for both. There was nothing new that came out over the past few days.


Your analytical mindset is truly dazzling.


This happens with almost all stocks. They will go through periods where they get way overbought and then will go through periods where they get way oversold. Amazon - as I’m sure you know - was trading at under $300/share for a good while a few years back and then rallied to over $2,000/share. That is roughly a 700% gain! It’s time to start bargain hunting soon.


I agree except for if its overheated how is the selling irrational


Amazon is going to be worth a trillion dollars. I get the people who sold it down from 2000 to 1900. But then a bit of panic sets in to drive it down to 1700.

I don’t see much rational thought in believing that something was worth a trillion dollars last week and is worth 800 billion today when there’s no significant change to the company.

Price should flatten if rational, not plummet…just my opinion.


The Market sold off huge in February and then climbed back up to all time highs on the DOW just last week, just to sell a good chunk of that the last few days! The Market is anything but rational.


Are you claiming that if Obama hadn’t become president the Market would have never recovered?