Uh Oh: Judge rules to unseal redacted materials in Michael Cohen case...tomorrow!

Evidence against Cohen was gathered through April 2018 searches of his residence, hotel room, safe deposit box, cellphone and his electronic communications.

In a notice posted Wednesday, Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley III confirmed that prosecutors have “concluded the aspects of its investigation that justified the continued sealing” of materials related to the campaign finance violations.

Somebody send up the bat signal for A G Barr. I am hoping that even he can’t mess this up.


Tehe…this gonna be fun because its trump

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So what’s gonna happen if we find out trump paid for a few abortions?

I mean besides nothing from his base


Probably a call to investigate Hillary’s emails, naturally.


It’s Ruh Roh.

Obama wiretapped him

De-fund Planned Parenthood.


You do realize that the investigation into campaign finance violations is now over! So there really is no Uh Oh except maybe Trump didn’t violate any campaign finance laws.

Tomorrow is fake news.

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Or maybe they declined to prosecute, you know like a certain candidates emails…

The prosecutors clearly said their investigation has concluded. No doubt we will be seeing LIBs reading the unsealed documents out lout so as to demonstrate that there really was a finance violation in disguise.

Part of that ongoing wishing and hoping campaign.

This thread gives me a feeling of nostalgia. It reminds me of the time this person or that person was being interviewed or anonymous people familiar with the situation said Mueller was looking into this or that. All sorts of great expectations of what that was going to prove about Trump.
The only thing this thread lacks is someone saying “got him now”.

Oh, wait…no it doesn’t.

Of course, no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute… We still get to see the evidence…

What’s funny is you would be hard pressed to discover the investigation was concluded by reading the OP or the linked article.

Wishing and hoping. :notes:

There is no wishing and hoping at all… The judge has ordered the evidence released tomorrow… No need to wish or hope

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The Mueller investigation. Not the SDNY investigation.

Actually the SDNY investigation is the one that has concluded. :wink:

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So federal prosecutors looked at the evidence and found nothing but LIBs will???

I’d call that wishing and hoping.