Uh oh dims. Turn Maryland Red. Former Gov. larry hogan To Run For Senate

Love the timing.

Been hearing for years how much dims love hogan.

Just last week many of them wanted him to run for president.

When the dimocrats have to spend money to defend Maryland you know they’re in SERIOUS trouble.


Wait, so deep blue Maryland that had a Republican governor(which many don’t realize) has him running for a Senate seat? What’s the issue? It’s sad that Dems have to defend a blue state that had already elected him governor? The disconnect is odd. Maybe hes a popular middle of the road guy.

A decent change for GOP pick-up in a blue state.

Of course if he wins, he’ll be their new whipping boy not unlike Romney today i.e. filthy globalist/America last/deep stater/RINO/worse than democrat, etc…

Maybe he will start bussing migrants from Baltimore to NYC?

Pretty short ride.

hogan was pretty popular in the state.

Interesting timing, and putting the dims in a spot where they have to defend Maryland seems like a big story.

Time will tell.

I lived in MD for 30+ years.
Western MD and the Eastern Shore are red.
Baltimore city and the DC suburb counties are blue. Unfortunately that’s where the majority of the electors are. Hogan did a commendable job navigating a Dimbulbcrat majority in the state legislature during his tenure. Just wish there were a way to dump Jamie “Rat Fink” Raskins from the US House but that lying turd has a district that would re-elect him even if he was a mass murderer.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Put them on the Amtrak. It has stops in Delaware on the DC/ NYC Line. They could go to Joe’s houses and hang out?

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I wish he was running for president.

To hurt trump electoral chances?

Yes, and because Hogan would be a candidate I’d actually feel good about voting for.


Of course. Hogan is a RINO and gained popularity placating and essentially (working) with a Democrat majority state legislature. Giving the opposition what they want is not “bipartisanship” it’s cow towing.
Sure Hogan would be a great president :thinking:
No thanks.

How else was he supposed to govern?

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To Hogan’s credit he did try to flip seats in the MD legislature. But MD politics is a Dim lock the electors are in the high population centers (Baltimore City & DC suburban counties). To your point yes, he governed. His Republican moniker was always a mystery to me whilst living there as to how he was not only elected but re-elected. We of course threw our support behind him hoping to have some balance but in the end the Dems pretty much ran the show. He was Governor during the WuFlu debacle and backed away from ordering schools to reopen when other states (Florida) did. The teachers unions showed their power in that debacle. Hogan was born into politics, knows the ropes well and I hope he is successful winning the US Senate seat Cardin will be vacating.

That happens when they have a majority.

A lot of governors made a lot of mistakes. There was no precedence and they were getting bad and conflicting advice.

Just because Florida opened schools did not mean it was correct for Maryland. Different cultures, people and legislatures. Not to mention Rona metrics.

Governors aren’t kings, they have to deal with their particular situations and they have constraints. Middle of the pack in a VUCA situation is probably not a bad place to be for most.