Uh Oh. Democrat Liability Bankman Arrested

Time to start covering tracks i guess.

Wonder if he’s due a nice Epsteining…

there go the security cameras….



Justice department … the American Justice department the one in disarray and the one controlled by the evil Biden is the one who filed charges….

Dems are terrible at these things.

They just can’t cover up. Let me guess he won’t live to tell his tale? :joy:

He should rot in jail.

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Must have missed that part :rofl:

oh no theyre not

took them a good few days to bury his connections. i bet a good deal was struck

And yet here you are knowing about them.

See terrible.

nothing going on at all i’m sure

Ugh. Can you imagine sitting on that jury?

No thank you worry about yourself :grin::joy:

He found a super secret source on Google

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Notice the timing of it…day before he was to testify before congress. :wink:


Well, they did grab him in the Bahamas. Maybe they thought he was going to run?

Could be…but he was there for weeks. They only arrested him day before testifying before congress.

My guess is they don’t want him talking.


To be honest, discovery and a trial is better than a congressional hearing at getting to the bottom of things.

Congressional hearings are clown shows these days.

Not going to argue against this.



They had to shut him up. Loose end.


A democrat held congress…. Charged by a democrat Justice department ñ.


Clearly can’t even conspire correctly those sillly dems.

He better hope he has no dirt on the Clintons…

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They couldn’t count on him to get in front of even a DEM Congress and say nothing of consequence.

Probably a smart move.

Lawyer him up and have them talk.

Can’t conspire you say? Not when Musk decides he is going to expose it all.

So pathetic that Dems sell out free speech for a couple election cycles and bring us pandemics and inflation and a wounded nuclear power in a proxy war.

We got Fettermaned.


He would have a lawyer in front of Congress. Dems are truly terrible at this cover up thing. Dem Congress, Dem DOJ just terrible.

The rest of your best below the lawyer has nothing to do with this thread but sure.

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