UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace

Watched this segment last night on 60 Minutes. Today I noticed that this report got a whole lot of attention on multiple networks.
When I was 8 years old my family was driving across Utah. I looked out the car window and saw a large, cigar shaped object flying over the hills about two miles away. Before I could say anything it stopped, turned 90 degrees and went straight up at a very high speed. Over the years in my travels I have met a number of folks that have seen strange objects. And I have known a handful of both commercial and military pilots that have seen objects.
I am glad that the government is more involved. This report should be interesting.
What do you all think?


Crazy interesting video, I watched the whole thing. I’ve always believed there’s something flying around up there. I grew up in south Florida and have seen stuff over the years that scared the crap out of me. It’s nice the gov may actually give credence to trusted pilots, investigate more, and declassify reports. I hope one day we find out whatever these are and that we’re actually told some answers.

Single largest failure of both our intelligence agencies and Department of Defense. Heads should roll.


Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar.

And, meh…

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I’m sure the government knows exactly what’s going on and most likely they are responsible.

The latest release of info is just a new disinformation campaign like Operation Blue Book.

Anybody else ever see anything they’d be willing to share?

Once at night in the 80’s while hunting in Holopaw Florida from a big truck -my brother suddenly turned off the lights and stopped the vehicle. It was pitch black out there and I swear all six of us just froze watching what at first looked like a helicopter hovering over the trees, but there was zero sound. Literally freaked us out. It looked like it was looking for something and kept bouncing up and down in the sky with bright ass lights pointing down. It went up and down for like 30 seconds then just went straight up and was gone.

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Why are none of these things picked up on satellites?

How do you know they’re not? What do you think that means?

It would seem that with all of the satellites (a lot of private ones too) up in the sky constantly monitoring the earth that we would be getting better resolution pictures of this phenomenon than blurry black and white or night vision images.

Maybe even get a sense of scale.

Bob Lazar described all of this in the 80’s, even as far as identifying element 115 as the “power” source.

Moscovium wasn’t synthesized until the early 21st century.

According to him, the craft he worked on was discovered at an archeological site.

I’ve seen two “UFO’s” in my life, and I’m still not convinced they’re extraterrestrial. Both were in flight paths of air force bases.

I want to believe.

Don’t believe Bob Lazar.

He is lying to you.

I often can’t identify flying Objects…

…When you hear hoof beats, it’s best to think it’s horses and not Zebras.

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He’s way more intelligent than you on the matter. :+1:

He is lying to you.

You already said that. Moving on now. lol

There are no stable isotopes of element 115.

He is making stuff up.

I’m not actually sure I want to know the truth about these things anymore. Based on some of the stories I’ve read concerning the U.S. Navy, I’m starting to believe that James Cameron’s “The Abyss” might have been prophetic after all.

I assume the government has a lot of data they aren’t sharing with the public, but that’s a good point about private satellites.

That you know of.

They all lie while telling bits of truth. A lib of all people should know how deception goes. lol

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These are quite some bizarre justifications for taking the word of a known liar to heart.

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