U.S. prosecutors pull encrypted messages from phones seized in Cohen raids

Over 700 pages of messages sent (using encrypted programs like WhatsApp and Signal). That can’t be good for Cohen.

Why? Why can’t it be good?

Bad for Cohen.

Using encryption is a common way for criminals to avoid law enforcement getting their hands on records.

Why would somebody encrypt phone calls?

I’ve used encryption for business purposes.

Why are the programs to do it available?

Yes, there are plenty of legitimate uses.

Cohen isn’t a legitimate businessman.

This is why i tell people the cloud is not the best place to backup your important ■■■■.

Ok, we agree use of encryption is not in and of itself nefarious?


Law enforcement would like people to think otherwise.

There’s a process for it. If they follow it and he doesn’t want to comply, he can sit in jail for contempt.

Privacy is a fleeting thing in this society.

I have no issue at all with encryption. I think every single piece of data transmitted or stored should be encrypted with a sucide function the wipes the storage medium if it’s tampered with.


I don’t care much for “law enforcement”. It is a necessary evil.

Out of the first million pages of records examined, I think something like 176 were considered privileged.

That’s not very much lawyering.

Law enforcement assumes we are all criminals.

Some yahoo the day raised hell at Apple for including a function in the upcoming iOS 12 that disables the Lighting ports data pathway if it hasn’t been unlocked for more than 15 minutes.

IMO, that function doesn’t go far. It should disable the port as soon as the phone is back in sleep mode.

Plenty of “fixing”, I bet.

He’s been bragging about mob contacts. Smart!

Yep. Better than it used to be at least.

Yeah it’s going to be a constant battle.

I think quantum computing will pretty much everything encrypted won’t it? Law enforcement will have to learn to live with it.

More problematic for the intelligence services really.

It seems to be trending in the right direction. Safiel’s thread on qualified immunity gives me a glimmer of hope we might see some real change.

Something else occurred to me: how about attorney-client privilege. Legitimate use of encryption?