U.S. issues warning on airspace near Gulf as Iran tensions simmer

“The advisory, issued by the FAA on Thursday and circulated late on Friday, said the warning came amidst “heightened military activities and increased political tensions in the region which present an increasing inadvertent risk to U.S. civil aviation operations due to the potential for miscalculation or mis-identification”.”

So basically stay out of the way or we may accidentally shoot you down.

I think South Korea must be pissed. We’re moving on Iran ( :slight_smile: ) while North Korea gets a pass.

Who knows what’s happening. Trump/Bolton won’t tell us. Iran says they’re being bullied. Who knows if Trump now trusts our Intelligence Community.

Would be nice to know the reason if Trump sends some of our soldiers to their deaths. Their families probably want to know what’s up.

Remember that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran.

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran…

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I was told this is all a lie by Trump and his supporters.

Iranian leadership just didn’t have the foresight to have their leader fall in love with Trump like North Korea did. This is a direct consequence of that lack of foresight.


time to send Iran more pallets of cash?

Or send our soldiers in.

Hey there’s nothing wrong with Cadet Bone Spurs sending in soldiers to needlessly get killed.

All for chest-puffing and flag hugging.

One day maybe Obama haters will truly understand that whole “pallets of cash” false narrative peddled by CEC.


I doubt it. That’s just another really good brain washing job.

He’s too much of a wimp to serve but as president he’s certainly willing to send other people’s kids into harm’s way (if it makes him look tough or gets him votes).

He’s the worst kind of human.

I believe that Trump does not want a war because he recognizes that it would mean that he would have to work. And this man avoids doing work as much as possible.

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Notice how lib threads are always “sky is falling” in the immediate future? They can never enjoy the blessings they have.

Don’t worry about Iran.

Why? Our President is flexing his fat making it seem like he’s ready to go to war.

When is he going to address the nation on his thoughts about Iran? I’d like to know.

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This is the danger of having a sociopath in the White House.

Nobody can believe a thing that comes out of it. The chances of something accidentally starting are skyrocketing.

Maybe that will be when the Congress gets to know what the intelligence is and what is the plan going forward.

He already has. I saw it on Lester Holt.

Don’t worry about it, it’ll be ok. They aren’t going to make you pick up a rifle.


He’ll give us the details when he gives us the details about Trumpcare.

This concerns 4 ships that were “sabotaged” and it’s being labeled as an attack. If I were to wild ass guess this, I’d say it was Saudi Arabia with the intent of drawing the US into their ■■■■■

I’m just glad that a principled, sane non-mafia like guy is in charge of our military now.

I’m sure a steady hand, like John Bolton’s, won’t get us into war with Iran.