U.S intercept intel linking Saudi Prince to murder of Journalist in Turkey


So, again - your biggest issue here is that we found out about it, not that it happened.

Why do you assume this leak wasn’t sanctioned?


I love how Trump was like “yeah they probably killed the guy but hey they’re buying US stuff so **** that guy.”


Brown person who is only a us resident not a citizen but also works for Washington Post as a journalist. It’s literally killing 2 birds with one stone for him


If its sanctioned, that’s fine. Why would you sanction a leak instead of just make a press release?


For plausible deniability, and to lessen the extent that it will piss off Saudi Arabia.

It’s not that complicated. Most “senior government official” leaks are sanctioned, to an extent or another. Sometimes its interagency infighting, sometimes its partisanship - and sometimes its directed from the top.


The way Iraq intelligence was ‘‘massaged’’ by Cheney is why ‘‘rushing to the Washington Post or NYTs’’ has become necessary.


Actually, the concern about information leaks is (or should be) crucial.

We haven’t had internal information security for decades.

Had this remained unleaked, our government could have leveraged this with strong-arm diplomacy.

Now it has to play out on the public stage, and that can only result in a no-win resolution.


Oh my god.


i’m glad we have a president who stands up for all americans.


Frightening, isn’t it?


These people vote for those who lead our country.

This is gonna be a dark era that future Americans look back on. Especially once Mueller reports.


Federal law states sanctions must be put in place.


It’s sad but at this point I’m just numb by the stupidity of trumper’s


Total arrogance, like you were all part of the intelligence community.


Hundred percent this era is going to be looked on as a stain on our country one that I think we will never recover from fully.


Know it all clowns act like “well, everybody leaks”. We were nearly cut out from British security because of all the leaking going on about a year ago.


We’ll recover from this dark era. And probably be stronger. And more diverse.


A former CIA operative today on MSNBC said that if we intercepted chatter about plans by a foreign government to kidnap do harm, that person would be contacted. He said that it seems strange that if Khashoggi had been warned it would seem strange that he just walked into that Consulate. He wondered if the administration was informed and held-up the notification process. I know, a lot of speculation without evidence at this point. But what if?


Saudis just went up 10 points in trumps eyes


The type of government that Saudi Arabia has is what Trump meant by making America great.