U.S. created 501,000 fewer in past year than previously reported

Remember when Trump would complain about minor revisions during the Obama years?

no, I remember Obama having the most Americans on food stamps!

There were yes. Recessions will do that. Now back to our regularly scheduled programs.

42 percent is the real unemployment rate. Who is with me?


Just to put things into perspective, the annual revision in 2018 was only 43,000.

So, we have more than 10x this year in one of the largest negative revisions in history.

After over two years of Trump, it’s obvious Bush and Obama’s incompetency created the recession.

Anything Trump touches turns to ■■■■■

It’s two and half years of Trump actually. So let’s get that right first.

That’s why I said over two years.:wink:

For Obama and his Deepstate traitors.

King of deflection actions noted…

Wow! This is one hell of a revision.

King of deflection is Obama and his Russian collusion lie he pushed to coverup his crimes against the people!

Why are you trying to derail this thread? The ■■■■ you’re posting has nothing to do with the topic of the OP.


There you go again…

A never ending case of keyboard Diarrhea

No Obama had keyboard Diarrhea. (Just trying to keep the theme of thread flowing)

Ok so we established that. Excellent. Now let’s spin the wheel of hopper! Where does it land - we have several options:

Collusion Delusion
Deep- state
Blah blah

I’d really like to hear from pinky/pinqy on this. That poster always knew their ■■■■ when it came to this stuff.

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Judicial Watch?
No obstruction; no collusion.

If there 501,000 fewer jobs created than previously estimated; surely this is an indictment on the current USA economy under Trump?

I remember trump and his supporters bragging about creating $1million job in his first 6 months.

Which equates to only 167,000 jobs per month.

But hey 1 MILLLIIIOON is such a big sounding word for those easily conned