U.S. created 501,000 fewer in past year than previously reported

Has to be fake news.

Obama’s incompetency created the recession that started over a year before he became POTUS?

Russians, Racism and Recession … What will the next “R” be…?

I remember when Bush was running and the fake news media chanted “He talked the economy down”.

Now they are trying to talk the economy down.

But, but, but … . it is Obama’s fault and Hillary Clinton.

Retrenched, removed, replaced for starters.

That’s what happened to the globalists…

Who is they?

So as an example AOC is not a “globalist” whatever that actually means?


what we learned from Obama and Bush is their Globalist mentality hurt America and the people.

It’s about jobs, just bring to light how Obama and Bush were Globalist and their failure to make a difference, Trump did it in just over two year

Brah, don’t hurt your back moving those goal posts.

Job growth has slowed under Trump compared to Obama.