Two oil tankers aflame in the Gulf of Oman

Pentagon says it’s Iran, so presumably it’s in response to the sanctions.

Oh, and Pompeo has briefed congressmen saying the AUMF covers war with Iran so no congressional approval needed if Trump decides to ramp things up.

Bolton must be salivating :laughing:.

The last thing I had read stated they were still looking for the cause. I guess they found it. Not good.

It was two Japanese oil tankers?

From what I read one is Japanese owned, the other Norwegian.

Are the invasion forces prepped?

Thanks, news is coming slow here looking at my cellphone under my desk at work :slight_smile:

I’m seeing Norwegian and Singaporian so far.

No worries, it’s a developing story.

I’m getting my info from a BBC article:

Well apparently Iran is in cahoots with Al-Qaeda now, so I guess so :laughing:.

Sunni and Shia radicals get along famously well…

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Maybe they’re just running the Singaporian flag? Ownership could be a little tricky to find out.

The bickering over who rescued the sailors is amusing if nothing else.

One tanker was carrying Naptha, the other Methanol.

Wonder if they were targeted based on flammable cargo to boot.

I found that part amusing as well, although for Iran’s part it may be a diversionary tactic: “Why would we rescue crew from a ship we allegedly attacked?”

Pretty scary stuff, these are the events that can start a war.

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Oh it totally is.

Good thing you’ve got an unswayable, impossible to manipulate, steady hand at the wheel of the Presidency.

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S.A. to provoke war?

View this with extreme caution…that would be my advice.

For whatever reasons red flags are popping up.

that’s my unconfirmed suspicion as well

That’s what Alex Jones is saying so it must be the case.

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