Two of the DUMBEST liberal ideas you will EVER hear

  1. Defund to police and disarm citizens. So when the police are needed to defend you, they won’t be showing up. And you will not be permitted to defend yourself either. No defense, no hope. That’s just fence post stupid.

The next one is even dumber. Too dumb to even make up.

  1. Black Lives Matter “Peace Officers.” This may be one of the most moronic ideas I’ve ever heard. As part of their “war on Police,” these armed Peace officers will patrol areas and respond when they believe an arrest is unjust or going bad. What imbecile came up with the idea to have armed citizens interfere with police duties? There is a name for people who point guns at cops. They’re called dead people.

The left has lost what little mind they had left.


There is almost nobody so inept to believe that Liberals care about Black lives and more than an addict cares about his stash. The addict will exhaust his stash, it is only a question of time.
A liberal cares about black votes and will create a false narrative to get it. Damn them we just need their votes. Look at the war zones liberals’ have created.


They will like the law of the west even less.

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Yep. Minorities are tools to be used and abused by elite white liberals. Does anybody with a fully functioning brain believe that liberals want inner city minorities to be independent? Anybody?


Elites are a separate identity than liberals. It is the elites that program the liberals.

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I’d think Republicans would be very familiar with the tactic of their leaders making outrageous and untenable claims to both rile up their base and inflame the opposition. Seems they don’t like being on the inflamed (or is it snowflake?) side.

“Defund” doesn’t mean removing all police funding. This is not Trump and the WHO. This “defund” means reallocating funds to other organizations. Remember when Trump decided to reallocate or “defund” $3.6 billion in Defense Department funds for his border wall? Didn’t see too many crying here over that.

Don’t take my word for it.


No, it means reducing the ability of them to respond to crime. So if it takes 8 minutes to respond now, how long will it take after defunding? I suggest anyone in one of these cities should buy a weapon and learn how to use it. Fewer cops, means you might be on your own for quite a while.


Take it out of the salaries, benefits and pensions of Captains and above.

Take it out of the salaries, benefits and pensions of City council and the mayor…

Mayor security detail can be cut.

Just give him a phone and some pepper spray.


“Defund” means reducing the ability to respond? Since Trump defunded the Defense Department does that automatically mean the military is now weak? You must be really angry at what Trump has done to our military readiness.

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Is it really that difficult for you to stick to the topic and not drift into “whataboutism” land?

Yes. fewer officers, vehicles, etc. Are they going to defund while keeping the number of officers the same? I don’t think so Tim.

What do you think of the BLM war on police? Good idea?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s a fine bit of radicalsplainin’

If you take money away from the police, which I am not opposed to, and give it to medical, day care whatever, and you do it enough, that’s exactly what it means.

They aren’t saying “Reallocate the budget!” “Spend less on cops”.

When you defund something, that means you ain’t funding it no more.

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Here we go with the word games. :roll_eyes:

You know words have meanings(definitions) for a reason, right?

How and when did Trump “defund” the DoD


[ dee-fuhnd ]SHOW IPA

verb (used with object)

to withdraw financial support from, especially as an instrument of legislative control:Many university programs were defunded by the recent government cutbacks.

to deplete the financial resources of:The cost of the lawsuit defunded the company’s operating budget.

That’s a stupid plan.

I would increase actually increase funding for better training, better pay, and better benefits. Increase their knowledge of the law, how to better deescalate situations, and improve their quality of life.

I believe firmly that a happy worker is a good worker. The same would work for the police. A happy police officer, who is also better trained, is more likely to be a better police officer.

Better steroids…

Defund - to withdraw funding from. There is no stipulation that all funding is removed. Any withdrawal of funds is defunding. The article quotes some of the people asking for defunding saying exactly that. Substitute defund to reallocate if that makes it easier. In this context they’re the same. And yes, that’s exactly what they’re asking for.

If you take money away from police departments which would have been allocated to non-essential programs, are you hurting essential programs? Have there been credible calls for reductions in essential police programs? If some police departments have done a poor job with situational training, community outreach, etc., why wouldn’t you use those funds to see if it could be done more efficiently and effectively by outside parties.

If a private contractor can do something better and more effectively than the government, do we refuse to allocate government funds? Do private contractors hinder the readiness and effectiveness of the military? Cynicism aside, is the goal of private contracts to provide better use of taxpayer money?

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Even with the definition right in front of you, there is still the false assumption “defund” removes all funding.