Two competing films about Fox News and the downfall of Roger Ailes in the works

There are two films coming within six months of each other about Roger Ailes and Fox News. The first, “The Loudest Voice,” coming on Showtime, looks at both the rise of Fox and the fall of Roger Ailes because of sexual harassment allegations. The film, yet untitled from Lionsgate, only covers the fall of Ailes.

Showtime’s version is based on Gabriel Sherman’s book “The Loudest Voice in the Room” and stars Russell Crowe as Ailes. The film centers around Megyn Kelly and stars Charise Theron with Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson, who was one of the women who accused Ailes of sexual harassment, with John Lithgow as Ailes. Naomi Watts plays Carlson in the Showtime version, which doesn’t even include Kelly. Simon McBurney and Malcolm McDowell are cast as Rupert Murdoch in the films. And yes, many other actors playing Fox News personalities are in the casts.

The two films have some similarities but a lot of differences, according to the story. And the two productions are already trying to battle each other in the media presumably to get an upper hand. I liked Sherman’s book, so that one should be worth seeing.

I like the idea of John Lithgow as Ailes. :slight_smile:

Yeah, he does sound better than Russell Crowe.

Looks like Fox fans are afraid of these films. Wonder why?

Not a new occurrence. Way back in the 60s, there were two films about Jean Harlow that came out within a year of one another. There was another film about Capote that came out the year after Capote. When two films about the same subject come out, generally the first one to the screen gets the larger audience, though I suspect neither one of these is going to be a blockbuster.

Oh really? Got any names?

I wouldn’t mind seeing this movie. :grinning:

I watched some too. Wasn’t because I don’t usually watch MSNBC. :wink:

I’ll say you and maybe one or two others will.

Actually nobody needs to watch it, FOX continues to crush CNN and MSNBC. And no stupid movie is going to change that. Are you cool with FOX crushing the competition?

Why would I care about cable news ratings?

Since when did one’s cable channel of choice become the new team to root for?


Since liberals decided that something needs to be done about Fox. Which makes sense. The free market is not a progressive principle.

What are you talking about?

Which “liberals” are you referring to? What are they going to “do” about FOX?

It’s mainly the so-called media watchdogs. Which for some reason seem to be all liberal. Then there are the endless boycotts and advertiser threats. When liberals don’t get their way they become bullies.

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It’s more like FOX roughly has half the 24/7 cable news audience, and CNN and MSNBC splits the other half (well mostly MSNBC).

In other words, Fox trounces both. MSNBC was on a good roll until the viewers became aware the whole Russia thing was a scam. That took the wing out of their sails. People didn’t like having nonsense peddled to them.

NO, it simply means Fox has no competition for it’s demographic on 24/7 cable news.

The combined audience of CNN and MSNBC at 3.2 million viewers is slightly larger than Fox at 2.8.

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OOh! the race card and the age card both dealt into the same hand! Well played, well played. :+1:

Down low… too slow! :rofl:

As Alexander Hamilton said, “The masses are asses.”