Two competing films about Fox News and the downfall of Roger Ailes in the works

When liberals don’t like reality they make up a new one and put it on TV…

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Fox came into the picture way way after CNN and MSNBC, so that would seem to apply to cons.

Did the loudest voice thread get deleted in politics?

The left has an unhealthy obsession with FOX. They are free to watch any network they choose. They are totally free to ignore FOX. But they can’t. They need somebody to hate.

FOX is the major media outlet for GOPers. Stop watching it and we’ll stop talking about it

The latest episode shows how they coordinated with the white house early on especially to push for war.

And why the hell do you care what we watch? Are you trying to force your will on us? Good luck with that. :grin::us:

That makes no sense.

Bit rich considering the comments you have made about MSNBC, CNN and commentators such as Maddow.

I cant wait for the musical howard stern is putting together about fox news…

The difference between you and me is this: I can and will continue to make fun of your media nit wits. But I don’t want them shut down. And I couldn’t care less if you watch their lunacy. I have never told anyone not to watch. There. Is it a little less rich for you now?

Where have I asked to shut anyone down? You Know ■■■■ all about me and what I do or do not watch. Stop presuming.

Sorry I don’t have Showtime, but I suspect it’ll be available streaming.

You first. :wink:

It is interesting episode 3 gets into how Ailes was working to smear the Obamas.

Ailes and Trump are birds of a feather.

Watching the way Aisles treated women is hard.

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This week touched a little on Aisles talking to Stone about Trump.