Twitter Stock Leaps Amid Reports Board In Takeover Talks With Elon Musk

Musk is very close to owning the Twits. A lot of Twits are already throwing a tantrum over this, and wouldn’t you know it? Those Twits seem more afraid of Trump’s account being uncensored than anything. What an absolutely pathetic mindset to slither around in. lol

If Musk ever raises the character limit to a 6th grade level of posting or better, I might check it out. As it stands, just about every Twithead posts like they dropped out of elementary school to help raise money for mama’s latest abortion needs. :rofl:


It is a sixth grade version of the AP and celebrity gossip newswire as it sits now.

Good analogy!!

I hope he is able to uncensor it.


I wonder if the libs will stomp off and create their own social media site?



THAT is exactly what I would tell them to do…:slight_smile:


Surely they all know how to code by now. :rofl:


They could call it OURTRUTH social.



I hope he sells his ~10% and the market starts shorting the stock.


This raises a question for me.

If Company A has X amount of infrastructure for a social media network, and Company B has Y amount for another social media network, could both be easily merged into a single network?

…especially if they already “look” like each other?


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…and I bought last week for $45.10 believing there’s a good chance this may happen? You go Elon!


If somehow he can’t get Trump back on, that may very well be plan B.

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I’d be careful. I don’t think Elon can raise enough money.

$0.23 a share…I just don’t see how he can finance this at 217x earnings, and I don’t think he would put money out of pocket for that.

I also think he’s schtick is flawed. There is a reason Twitter has rules about posting, and part of it is rooted in liability. I realize they have federal protections on that, but those aren’t fool proof. I think he’s mistaken to equate ‘public square’ with ‘way anything you like, even if it’s lies!’ I think it will not work out the way he thinks it will.

If people were interested in a public square filled with lies, wouldn’t everyone post on 4Chn?

That was a good buy last week. I’d be selling on the rumor though.

No…the right wing has cornered the market on that particular grievance move.

I’m laughing at people thinking Elon Musk is a free speech champion. Lol!

The next time one of your posts here exceeds the Twitter limit will be one of the first times.

You’d do very well on Twitter.


If he can take over and uncensor it i will reactivate my account.

As long as it is censored then no way.


Democracy is at risk if anyone can make just any political comment they want. That was not the concept of the first amendment. Giant media corporations must filter our unsophisticated thoughts.




I was wrong. I didn’t think rich Twitter Daddy would be able to pull it off.

Maybe he will add a fart button to the app.


Well, we’ll see. From you article -

Musk did not provide any financing details when he first disclosed his offer for Twitter, making the market skeptical about its prospects.

Just heard this on David Webb’s show.

An African American now owns tweetser!!


And? That is true, he didn’t at first, now he has.