Twitter Stock Leaps Amid Reports Board In Takeover Talks With Elon Musk

My bad - I missed that line about his finance package.

Wow. Seems crazy to me, but I don’t own spaceships, so what do I know.

Do you think “uncensoring” it (whatever that even means; Twitter will still have have terms of service and “censorship”) will somehow make Twitter’s maturity-level go up from sixth grade? Unless you think of maturity correlating with an increase in “adult content” porn). :slight_smile:

You don’t already know there’s porn on Twitter?

Yeah, how far will the new Twitter’s free speech go?


Kiddie Porn?

Death threats?

Iranian misinformation?


Not that I can find!

And I’ve been looking…

LOL. I am fully aware there is porn on Twitter. That’s why I said “increase in ‘adult content’ porn.” It was a response to the post about Twitter’s presumed “immaturity.”

Nice post!

Do you want more porn? :slight_smile:

Double nice post!

Stupid question.

Try harder.

It’s not stupid at all. I was an early adopter of Twitter; I’ve seen the waves come and go. There have even been porn-purges over the years. It seems like a new “uncensoring” regime would affect that, as well as sponsored content.

I don’t think kiddie porn. But I’d like to know if I’ll be scrolling by more hot doggy-style amateur action and Ray-Ban sunglass ads. :slight_smile:

It’a amazing to see how much the left hates free speech!!!


Who knows, but we know the leftists running Twitter hate free speech. So, it could not get worse.
Who is a free speech champion>?

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Sounds like Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Maybe Musk will turn Twitter into another 4chan or one of the many other online places where people can say anything without fear of corporate censorship? I’m sure that will do wonders for its popularity and share price. :smile:

When it comes to Twitter, it seems like “the left” understands the difference between corporate and government censorship.

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So, you support censorship of the people by corporations?


It’s not the left. It’s the corps who run ads on twitter.

they don’t want to be associated with lies and what not.

I support corporations exercising their own free speech rights as enumerated in the Constitution. If I disagree with what a corporation is saying or producing, I avoid it, as I do Twitter.

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