Twitter is just a joke

What is trending now?
Hashtag Trump is losing. By the usual blue wave police the police.

#Trumpislossing Beware! He will do anybody to cheat!
Trump will do anything to cheat? really now it sounds like the demcaerts are starting to be a bit nervous by claiming that Trump would cheat.

There are still some leftists obbosed with Putin and Russia.

#TrumpIsLosing #PutinsPuppet

Looks like they never chance.
Joe Biden will flop on the Chinese issue.

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Sorry that Twitter seems to got cha down.


We’re about five years past “it’s not real life it’s just the internet.”


It couldn’t be because he is twittering nattering lying full of ■■■■ gibberish like this, could it?


Where were you in the great hashtag wars of 2020?


Dont use Twitter or even better create your own social networking platform.


If it’s illegal then Trump should shut Twitter down the same way he’s shutting down TikTok. Really ridiculous.

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And illegal. And so so so unfair. To your favorite president, him.


“Pay no attention to reality! I am your Reedemer!”

I doubt Trump will turn his back on Twitter the way he did Fox. Twitter is how he speaks directly to his people!

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Don’t forget most bigly very mean. Poor Donald.

Poor, poor Donald. Most misunderstood and unappreciated POTUS ever.

Or refrain from using that platform at the very least.

Maybe that hashtag wouldn’t be trending if Donni wasn’t spending the weekend golfing while the Forgotten Man struggles with unemployment, tanking economy, a pandemic, taking care of grandparents, paying rent and mortgages.

So very unfair.


If the President of the United States switched to Parler, that would probably do a lot to damage Twitter’s credibility.

(Not a poe: sarcasm)

It does appear to be more than a little incongruous to continue to use a platform that is allegedly unfair to him.

We could do that or we could call them out on their lies and immoral bias. Do you have a problem with the latter?

He’s such a ■■■■■■■ used car salesman.

He’s still promising ■■■■ after 3 1/2 years of ineptitude.

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“Man struggles with unemployment, tanking economy, a pandemic”
Are you liberals still blaming Trump for the tanking economy? look at Germany even Germany’s own economy faces a meltdown are you suggesting that some how her holy queen "Hillary Clinton would have handled better somehow?
Oh i am sure that President Dear Leader Biden wouldn’t be golfing either while in in pandemic would he now? remember the many times Obama was golfing when he was supposed not to be?

It seems you some of you liberals are completely off from reality. Yes lets blame Trump on everything. Lets blame Trump for not helping out our Jihadist allies in Syria.

And lets blame Trump for tanking economy because he refused to do a complete lockdown like China or leftist Canada with the scandal prime minster.

I don’t agree with the premise of your question.

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Your agreement is not required. :blush: