Tweet post rules

Can someone clarify the tweet post rules?

I think it is NOT ok to start threads with tweets, with out without correct?

Can we post tweets without commentary in the body of a thread?


I don’t understand those either. I’ve had a post deleted in the body of a thread because something about it was not from a verified politician or media person? But i’ve seen plenty of those elsewhere on the forum.

Is it possible to simplify this ?

With Twitter (and Fakebook,) I quit those platforms long ago so I cannot access link if one post a link. One should post their commentary.

About the Twitter thought; Commentary is important in the forum. Internet news articles must also have a basis for posts.

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Meh, it’s plainly spelled out in the Rules of the Forum thread right here in CF.

It’s as if those complaining about not being able to spam random neckbeards have the ability to read or something. :wink:

I sometimes use other discussion BBs (discussing things such as stocks etc.)
they ones that do not wish to have any youtube videos or twitter videos posted on their sites have simply disabled the ability to do so. Since other site ahe chosen to block and the Hannity forum has chosen not to block I have to think there is some allowed use.

Whatever they policy about thread-starting, and posting without comment, are I feel pretty safe saying that there is some Hannity- compliant way to cross post stuff from those sites.

Just to be clear, I’m asking for clarification on the Twitter rules, specifically:

  • Can we start threads with Tweets if they are from a prominent person with no embedded article in the tweet.

  • Does it also require a synopsis, as if it were an article?

  • Can tweets in the body of a thread - assuming the other rules are met - be posted without commentary?


What’s “prominent” - blue check ?

These days, so much political discourse is on Twitter, it just seems impossible to avoid citing it all the time.

With Twitter, almost every post is public so one doesn’t have to be a registered user to view.

I’m no mod, so you’ll have to ask them for any surgically precise particulars. Perhaps msg them ahead of time with the Tweet in question before posting? I dunno. :person_shrugging:

I wouldn’t call generic neck beards like that Aaron Rupart guy “prominent” though. More like a gutter for guttersnipes to drink from. :rofl:

Dash Dobrovsky is the most ridiculous one of the Resist Twitter



Never heard of her. lol

You don’t understand I also do not twit or fake …

“If you share someone’s opinion from twitter, share YOUR opinion, and leave theirs on twitter.”. Thanks Six .

There is zero requirement to do that to be able to read a tweet. In fact, when a tweet is embedded in the post on this forum, you don’t even have no navigate to their website in order to be able to read it.

Libs here we’re using mouth breathing retards’ tweets to do their thinking for them. They’d post tweets of some no name clown speaking with authority through twitter, rather than discuss their own thoughts. Add promotion of the neckbeard through this site, and enough was enough. A rule had to be made to prevent the forum from being spammed by wackadoos from the four corners of the earth. We then refined those rules to allow tweets from those with accountability, not just trolling thoughts from the troll empire.

I think the rules spell it out pretty plainly, and they leave wiggle room for moderator discretion should there be some ■■■■■■■ , and there always is, that wants to tiptoe up to the line and sling poop.

Yeah, Twitter has a lot of good content when those speaking on it are backed and held accountable by a leading news agency or the voters. But it also has far more crap associated with it that doesn’t belong here.

My 2 cents. Not a mod…

I want to speak to a manager!


I want to speak to the owner!!


That is correct. So their commentary, synopsis if you will, should be in the post. I have been corrected at times when I did not post my opinion/cmmentary/synopsis if I did a short cut post.

@tnt is knickered up because I posted a twit from the House Dem twits this morning.

A twit is a synopsis

Many times there is a tweet that will have a short video clip that shows someone saying something, whether in an interview or debate or rally, etc. I think seeing a video of someone saying something is more effective than just text of what they said. These clips may be tweeted by some no-name’, but I find it easier to link to the tweet rather than search for the source video online and try to find where in the video the desired excerpt is.

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