Turkmenistan wins

Tell them what they won Johnny. A 22 ton out of control Chinese rocket headed their way at 58 thousand miles an hour. Heads up.

Yikes. Haven’t heard any news all day.

Made in China

Don’t worry, China assures everyone it will all burn up before it hits the ground, if you can’t trust the people with out of control rockets and falling space stations, who can you trust?


Any live video?

Has the exact location of where it will land been established with any degree of certitude?

Found one.

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Southeastern US in one possible trajectory.

I need a new roof.


It’s loaded with a brand new Wuhan virus strain!!


That’s pretty funny. Not sarcasm.

Andromeda strain the reality!

Several thousand degrees during re-entry oughta put paid to that! :+1:t2:

China’s on a roll.

No roof for me.

Well it landed in the Indian Ocean. Let’s all remember they didn’t appear to care much where it hit. That’s collectivism for you.If we were sane we would knock down anything they sent up until they learn not to be complete ■■■■■■■■

They’re using reverse engineered Soviet block tech. Pathetic stone agers


Hopefully they didn’t kill any dolphins.

…but…if we find dolphins puking…a new virus strain was probably released.

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Have any other countries have part of a rocket they launched crash in another country before?

I’m pretty sure somewhere in Australia once sent NASA a ticket for littering, after Skylab crashed there.

In my state of Western Australia in fact.