Turkey the red headed step child

Turkey has always been the odd member of NATO just saw this accross the news.

Erdogan said Ankara will vote against countries that impose sanctions on it and told the two Nordic countries not to bother visiting Turkey to try to change his mind.

That seems like a pretty firm no vote as Sweden and Finland try to join NATO. Or is this just posturing

Turkey implies it will block Sweden and Finland from joining NATO | Washington Examiner.

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Posturing. Give it time…and money…and pressure…and goodies…and assurances.

turkey is serious, its about support of the pkk.

“Neither of these countries have a clear, open attitude towards terrorist organizations. How can we trust them,” Erdogan said at a news conference Monday, according to Reuters.

Does Erdogan have a good point? It sounds like what he’s asking is, are these countries too woke?

what is he is asking is for them to lift their sanctions against Turkey

But yes PKK is part of it too.

It is probably just posturing, but then again so is NATO membership for Sweden and Finland to begin with.

Of course, Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 to protect Turkish Cypriots out of fears that country would join Greece. Both Greece and Turkey were NATO members at the time, and Turkish troops continue to occupy the northern part of the island.

Turkey is strategically important and has the largest NATO army outside of the US. Turkey is free to do what benefits Turkey. Defending national sovereignty is a selectively enforced priority for NATO.

What’s the posturing for Finland and Sweden

I’m sure there’s a billion or two in funding we could withhold until they do as we tell them. :wink:

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Erdogan just can’t get enough of massacring Kurds.

Finland and Sweden are both relatively small countries in the EU and their militaries already closely coordinate with NATO. The UK recently signed a mutual security pact with Finland and Sweden.

Turkey has refused to join NATO economic sanctions against Russia and has coordinated peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. The parallels between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Turkish invasion in Cyprus are obvious. I doubt Turkey is going to change its basic policies.

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No one has clean hands in the Middle East.

That’s not an answer. Posturing doesn’t mean what you think it means. They are joining NATO. Posturing means they act as if they will.

Adding new NATO members requires unanimous approval.

If Turkey says no, then Finland and Sweden are not joining. Period.

The only other alternative would be to expel Turkey.


Then it’s not posturing it’s possible that they won’t be but he likely will be paid off. even if he is not it’s still not Posturing.

The people who Erdogan massacred are the ones that fought for us for years against ISIS. And then your boy sacrificed them without a second thought because Erdogan wrote him a letter.

NATO needs the approval of Turkey. Most likely Turkey and the rest of NATO will come to some agreement to allow Finland and Sweden to join.

On the other hand, the EU and the US have been doing a lot of stupid, self-destructive things lately so there is certainly a non-zero chance that Finland and Sweden will not be joining NATO.

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Well? Has the President blackmailed him yet? :person_shrugging:


Yes, defeating ISIS has been a key basis of years of US intervention in the Middle East.

Oddly ISIS ended up with large numbers of US-supplied weapons and US-trained Syrian rebels. Did elements of the US intel community create ISIS? Or were they just completely incompetent?

Good ol’ ISIS. Obama’s greatest concoction.

The libs had a great time warmongering in the Middle East until the Tweet Meanie killed their buddies off. :rofl:


Tweet Meanie…I like it.

Turkey is a real wild card. I am pulling for their efforts at mediation to come through and get a cease fire.

Cooling off added NATO members does help get Russia calmed the ■■■■ down.