Tulsi Gabbard rocks

I don’t know about you. I really like Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii. I trust her because of her military service and almost libertarian view. She made a lot of sense when she expressed her frustrations over an apparent lack of transparency in the was her fellow Dims are handling of the impeachment inquiry. I would probably vote for her someday.
Of course I almost liked the Bern if it were not for his total socialist views. What Do all y"all think?


She’s running 3rd party. Will you vote for her?

There is a good chance that I would (vote for Gabbard). As for third party, I hope she does not do that and the Dims pick her.

She’s not going to win the nomination, so i highly doubt the Dems will pick her. Her only alternative is running 3rd party and I’m glad you’ll vote for her if she does.


I like her. And she handle Sean very well. She stuck to her beliefs but met Sean half way. I think the Dims should smarten up and pick her. Much better than the rest of the pack.

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That’s not gonna happen. She’s polling at 1% :man_shrugging:
Hopefully she’ll get your vote when she runs as an Independent. :+1:


The people of Hawaii disagree. So much so that Tulsi is afraid to rerun for reelection there.


Libertarians do not promote a ban on military-style “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines, or require universal background checks for all gun transfers. She does.


I am not seeing anything were she says she is running a 3rd party candidacy, and no I would not vote for her. This reminds me of 2008 when every time Ron Paul did and interview that’s all they grilled him on even though he said he had no plans of doing so,.

We always have 3rd party candidates no one seems to mind on the left when a Libertarian runs which happens quiet often. I would have considered voting for Howard Shultz has he brought the national debt dilemma back into focus but he isn’t running.

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Why would she announce she’s not running for reelection in the House if wasn’t going to run for president as 3rd party candidate?

Maybe she will renege like Marco Rubio did, but unlike him, she doesn’t have a legitimate chance but instead is polling at less than 2 percent.

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Why did O’Rourke announce he wasn’t going to run for a Texas senate seat in 2020?
Does that mean he’s running 3rd party?

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Well he lost in 2018. Might as well give someone else a chance.

There’s a big difference between challenging for a Senate seat in a red state and running for reelection in a deep blue House district.

Like it if she runs third party. If she is not too radical i can see her sucking the turned off center right and center left and be a threat to GOP and DNC. Good for the political system bad for both “major” parties

What dilemma? The tax cuts solved the issue through increased revenue. Didn’t you know that’s how Republican economics works?

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1% Tulsi. Never seen this much clamor for a fringe candidate to run 3rd party.

She won’t take too many dems with her.

She is out of the mainstream with dems on certain issues.


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Ok thanks for the response appreciate

You have a point, Samm

Well someone will win. That is how America works. I guess all y’all could have hillbillary rotten clinton as the leader of the dim pack, soon

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The House Dems are following the rules put in place by Boehner and the Republicans.

Do you want the Dems to not follow the rules?

I guess she is “fring” because she has common sense?