Tulsi Gabbard is coming around to my viewpoint

She is a leftist democrat or what used to be one until a few years ago, when I look at her policy positions on her website almost anyone would classify her as a leftist. She made the mistake of upending the applecart on a few views, which unfortunately in the days of hive mind thought and party purification isn’t allowed.

She certainly is something else in a most positive and good way.

She’s a demagogue, not a “leftist”. She’s been a demagogue the whole time.

Populism and demagoguery are not left or right.


I disagree completely.

Populism is dumb.

Why is trying to appeal to ordinary people dumb? I mean, that is where the votes are.

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For me it’s intelligence and charisma.

She has a spine also.

Populism isn’t just about “trying to appeal” to normal people - it’s about how the appeal works.

It’s about drawing a false line between “normal” people and “elites”, and appealing to those on the “normal” side by blaming their misfortune on the “elites.”

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I don’t know what she’s looking to do. No one is forcing people to use twitter, fb or youtube. They are free services. As part of using their service, you share personal info to them. Yes they are tech giants because they have good product and very popular. if you don’t like them, STOP USING.

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Sounds like when you want to prevent government from spying, carrying out retributions against it’s citizens you’re either a populous or demigod.

Interesting theory libs have there.

Better tell your democrats, they are the ones who recently reported out of committee that they were abusing monopoly power.

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LOL now justifying elites behavior…

Odd, coming from democrats who used to complain quite a bit about money in politics and the country being ran for and by the wealthy.

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Populism from the left is generally just as stupid as populism from the right.

They are communication monopolies’ worse than Bell was in 1974.

break em up.

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Ok. But what criteria do you use to determine monopolies? Market cap? # of users? Market share?

Isn’t Big Tech partnering with the feds regarding data mining? Seems like the federal government and corporations are partnered up now.


Ask democrats.

from House Democrats say Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple enjoy 'monopoly power'

House Democrats say Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple enjoy ‘monopoly power’ and recommend big changes

  • After a 16-month investigation into competitive practices at Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust has released its findings and recommendations on how to reform laws to fit the digital age.

  • The report concludes that the four Big Tech companies enjoy monopoly power and suggests Congress take up changes to antitrust laws that could result in parts of their businesses being separated.


Or was that no more than a threat to get the censorship that they are now getting.


Predatory market business practices…Just like Bell.

They ate Parler for lunch.

They buy anything they cannot destroy.

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Do as we say or else?