Tucker Carlson thinks tacos are not Mexican, but American

Carlson thinks Tacos are not Mexico.

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Recently Jeff Session went to a Mexican restaurant, and ended up taking a photograph with the owner of the place. After receiving backlash for putting up the photo on social media and praising Sessions, he took it down.

Carlson interviewed a representative from Univision, and he ended up blurting some rather amusing things:

  1. He’s against illegal immigration.
  2. He wants to lower LEGAL immigration, because they are causing social problems.
  3. Tacos are not Mexican, but American food. He said he grew up on the border and lived in San Diego.
  4. When the Univision representative said what makes America great is our cultural diversity, Tucker started laughing and that’s not we’re, and said that Tacos are American.

This is why I have problems watching Fox News. They are ridiculous on every level. Carlson looked like a fool and completely ignorant. He thinks growing up in San Diego, means he knows where tacos came from. Give me a break. The 1st link has the history of tacos.

There’s a reason why white supremacists praise Carlson’s show. He reflects their viewpoints extremely well.

Yup, everyone on the right are supremacists because they think of a crunchy shell, ala Taco Bell, when they hear the word taco and not a burrito.

Once you get out of the hamptons, you learn there is a difference between mexican food and tex-mex.


Taco’s like the ones they used the photo of, are absolutely American food. Also just so I know the rules, can pizza not be considered an American food because it originated in Italy?

Tacos are Mexican food.

Pizza is an Italian food.

Do they serve tacos and pizza in other countries?

The taco in that picture is American.

Really? No sorry, there are many foods of foreign origin that are now firmly part of the American culture. Would you consider say hot dogs or apple pie American food?

All Taco Bells, Pizza Huts, Papa Johns and Little Ceasars should close immediately for cultural appropriation.

He didn’t say Americans invented the taco by the way. You know, just like we didn’t invent the hot dog or apple pie.

Starbucks, those yogurt and salad places.

I have been to other countries. They sell pizza and tacos. It’s not exclusive to America. The fact that we celebrate different cultures and foods is what makes us who we’re.

Apple Pie and Hot Dogs would be American if they originated in America.

Some foods that have originated in other countries have been americanized in their versions here. For example, the pasta in things like lasagna isn’t cooked quite as long in Italy. So, while Carlson’s comment may have been off, some of these foods are not exactly the same as it would be if it were cooked in it’s native country.

That’s correct. Every culture customized their food to fit the tastes of their region. But arguing that tacos are not Mexican is simply false. That’s where they came from.

image …for your hair


You are confusing whether we invented them with whether they are foods that are firmly ensconced in our culture. Again, he didn’t say we invented taco’s. Do you seriously believe anyone would take issue with his saying hot dogs, pizza and apple pies are American foods?

You mean you admit that a Mexican food has culturally been accepted in America…multiculturalism at its finest.

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Tucker’s a ridiculous little man. He ahould go back to wearing bow ties, it suits him.

The common hard shelled taco seen in America was first described in a cookbook out of New Mexico published in 1949; BUT, the patent issued for a device to help deep fry soft tortillas into a crisp taco shell was issued to a man living in New York on 1947.

For comparison tortilla chips were first popularize in LA in the 40s too.

Soft shelled Mexican tacos (non crispy) were described by literature long, long before then.

So, yes, there’s at least a good argument for the crispy taco being an invention of the American south west … or New York City (“New York City?!?”).

… cue Pace Picante commercial …


Really? Which is more ridiculous, claiming the taco is an American food, or that no hispanic American should sell Jeff Sessions a taco?


I’m talking about more than Tucker’s Taco Tiff.