Tucker Carlson misses the point: our socialist/communist crowd promotes democracy!

How would it need to differ to not be considered a mob by you?

What you talking about “from a modern perspective”? Has the definition of “republic” changed?

How we choose our rulers has nothing to do with “republic” or not.

More specific how?

Do you disagree that modernity and the growth of the federal government has led to the states being less independent?

Not at all, although it was intentional, not an accidental result.


We already have that with 2 senators per state, no matter the state’s population.

What does the constitution say?

No, we don’t.

Yes we do.
CA Population 40 million. 2 Senators
Wyoming, Population 578k 2 senators.

No we don’t. The US Senate is the most dysfunctional body on the planet. They are House Lite.

That may be true.
But the Senate gives all 50 states equal representation, no matter the population of the state.


Glad we could agree!

We don’t, but I’m tired of giving civics and government lessons to small thinkers.

Well, that was pretty rude. Because we disagree, you think I am a small thinker?

It is sad, you do not appear to be interested in building a more perfect union.

And don’t forget the teachers who start brainwashing America’s children when the first enter a government school.

Here is an example which blew my mind!


They are not whistleblowers. They are shadow government operatives who are working to take down a president who refuses to cave into domestic communists, socialists, and international GLOBALISTS who have been plundering America’s wealth for the past two generations.

Not because we disagree.

Not one little bit. I don’t give a tinker’s damn about vast swaths of this “union”.

Why do you stay?

If I felt as you, I would get the hell out of here.

I am in the swath I do care about.

Where would you go?

Never really thought about it, as I do not have disdain for vast swaths of the union.
Have considered retiring out of country…but that is more for economic reasons. Fortunately, if things go as planned…we should be fine here.
(wherever here turns out to be within the state(s))

I don’t believe that for a minute.