Tucker Carlson misses the point: our socialist/communist crowd promotes democracy!

Why is that?

To allow a check on the will of the majority and to give lower population states more influence in electing the president.

Democracy in the form of direct elections is nothing more than mob rule.

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To retain a union of individual states mostly.

I’m not following you.

With a strict popular vote, individual states have no say in who becomes president. It’s not the end of, but an erosion of that system and John is right about it being a step towards mob rule.

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How do you feel about lifting the cap on the number of representatives in the house to an even 500–which also increases the number of electors by the same amount?

To what purpose?

No, it’s more than large enough as it is.

Interesting. What would be the end of it?

Representation in proportion to population, as was intended.

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If we got rid of the EC and elected the president by popular vote we’d still be a republic that practices representative democracy. The change would be an executive voted as a representative of the citizens instead of the states. The EC is left over from an earlier time when the states were more independent, both people and information moved much slower, and less people were educated. All votes by citizens for the Presidency should be equal. The low population states already have plenty enough power through the legislative branch.
Personally I’d be fine going back to letting the states choose senators in exchange for getting rid of the EC.

Why should they get it?

Because mob rule would result in this country coming apart at the seams.

People in the cities cannot understand rural life, People in California or NY have no concept what life is like in Nebraska or Utah.

States as well as individuals have interests that are supposed to be respected, considered, and given equal time by our presidents and legislators as per our constitution.

By the potus, no it should not.

Then start your movement to Amend The Constitution and don’t complain when you don’t like the results if you are successful.

Why would this lead to mob rule when its just for the office of President? There’s still Congress.

Do you really think Trump understands rural life?

What makes the US a republic?

How did that popular vote thing work out in the Senate with the 17th Amendment?

Congress is a mob.

Interesting observation.

From a modern perspective we are a republic because we elect our leaders and decision makers as oppose to having a monarchy. From the perspective of the Founders we are a republic because we have a constitution, separation of powers, and practice representative democracy.

In regards to the Senate, could you be more specific?