Tucker Carlson Interview With Putin-nanny

Just spitballin’ here, but maybe NBC and its friends in the White House were doing everything thing could to escalate the war that had been going since 2014.

Simmons repeatedly interrupted Putin to stop discussion whenever NATO or Ukraine came up. His point appears to have been to avoid any real dialogue that could have prevented a highly profitable escalation in the ongoing proxy war.

Weird, that’s EXACTLY what the libs have been doing this whole thread. :thinking:

It’s as if they have no original thoughts of their own, and are just parroting everything the TV tells them to. :wink:


Yes, I can remember when Democrats would rant about Ronald Reagan being an evil war monger, and they looked toward political alliances with the Soviets. They loved the Russians when there was a mass murderer on Russian currency.

Reagan negotiated multiple arms control agreements with the Soviets and was smart enough to withdraw US forces in Lebanon. Today Democrats would be demanding an impeachment for Reagan’s peace efforts.

Our own intelligence services worked against Carlson trying to get that interview for years.

“But why now?” :man_shrugging:

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They are good little :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:


People need to quit politicizing everything. If Anderson Cooper, would’ve went to Moscow an interviewed Putin nobody would’ve cared at all. If it’s someone they view as their political opponent cue the outrage.

I didn’t have a problem when Vice news went over an interviewed Isis, I actually thought it was a good interview and one could see how crazy those people were. The Putin interview didn’t change anything.


Was anything interesting discussed in this interview? Or did Putin go on his usual rant of “Greater Russia?”

Here’s a fact checking/overview video on it: