Tucker Carlson Interview With Putin-nanny

Two freaking hours long. I hope this ■■■■■■■■■■■■ speaks English!


This is hard to listen to. I’m 22 minutes in. :rofl:

I hear it helps to drink vodka while watching it.


I’m waiting for the Cliffs Notes.

clff notes:

Ukraine isn’t a real country
The US sucks
Lithuania is next

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The EU sucks, always has, somebody should invade Ukraine.

Should’ve tried that. All he did was ruin my high. :rofl:

Yabbut, how will this affect Carlson’s VP chances?

109 million views on Twitter.

5.5 million more on YouTube.



Those views are a bit misleading without knowing how many people actually watched the full interview or just clicked on it. I watched 5 mins and got bored.

It was not exactly an interview more like just a platform for Putin being allowed to spout his crap. Not that I expected hard questions from Carlson.


Lefty hates free speech. They want it criminalized…


Let’s pretend no one watched. And ignore it’s content.


Not a whole lot different than if he had “interviewed” (became a silent sounding board for) Saddam Hussein, UBL, Ho Chi Minh or an other US opponent.

Hanoi Jane? Meet Moscow Tucker, the man who said “The most unlikely-sounding theories about UFOs are actually true.” and “Libertarian economics is a scam” is still shilling.

He’s right the germans admitted the minsk accords were lies and stalling for time. So, you can’t trust anything the west says, right?

CIA funding opposition in 2008 and 2014. I remember when leftist hated this type of CIA behavior in central America, but now they are told to love it.

Have you seen the value of the US dollar since we gave up libertarian economics in 1913…

Meanwhile gold has increased in purchasing power because of market forces…

Who did the cia fund in Georgia?


I’ll bet Tucker is shaking in his boots :rofl:

The numbers have spoken, and this is what you have decided. :wink:

Gee whiz, that’s totally unlike any interview ever given to any President in the history of interviews. :rofl:


Pretty coincidental that it dropped just as Brandon was getting exposed as dull witted while trying to show he wasn’t dull witted .