Tucker Carlson Interview With Putin-nanny

Of course it was going to be widely watched. Carlson got what every journalist has been requesting for years and especially since the Ukraine war. For whatever reason Putin decided to speak to Carlson. Cant take that away from him.

An it finally happened. So what’s the problem?

Was Carlson supposed to ask him when he stopped beating his wife? Is that why the views are somehow a random point of contention?

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Western journalists have interviewed Putin

That’s not what this was about

This was about Tucker dreaming to be on par with them and to be recognized as one of them.

To do so after Putin became a pariah in the English speaking world is perfection.

Good for Tucker he got what he wanted. That’s a hell of an accomplishment for what he made seem like life long dreams nd career goal. Can’t begrudge him that.

Tucker should interview Taylor Swift next.


Tucker is Eons above the MSM.


So funny.

His show crushed and FOX still hasn’t recovered from losing him.

…on par… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes especially he specifically admitted in his own texts that he knows that what he says on television is garbage

And the likes for the post :joy:

The fact that you think that punditry and journalism are the same thing explains soooo much

Bias confirmation is a hell of a drug.

Probably the opposition to Russia. Isn’t that who you wanted them to fund? How come you don’t know already? None of your news sources covered it?


She won’t do it.

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OMG!.. All of them lied about Russian collusion for years and you still think they are journalist>?

I bet you still trust the intel people who lied about the lap top…


I know what the wars were about and didn’t invent reasons based on Russian nonsense.

And we have his texts that he was lying about voter fraud on tv to millions of people

Omg!! :joy:

He is a successful pundit. Nothing more nothing less

It’s because it’s Tucker Carlson, huh?



That you believe journalism still exists is cute.


Didn’t say it did. He wanted to be in the club. He is striving.

You know that reminds me. I still subscribe to the times and a huge reason for it isn’t because they are some pinacke of journalism but that they cover a lot of subjects. But i am not under any delusion what they are.

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I find it easier to review the transcript:

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs provides his review of the Putin interview for the first half hour of this video. Sachs has worked extensively with American, Russian, and Ukrainian leadership since the late 1980s so he has first-hand knowledge of the history of NATO expansion eastward and US attempts to destabilize Russia discussed in the interview.

From what I have seen, most of the responses in mainstream media has been to ignore the actual content of the interview and instead to attack Carlson for interviewing the leader of Russia. Curiously I remember no such response when NBC did a similar interview in 2021.

The Twitter version of the interview has almost 200 million views as of Monday February 12. Estimates are that the total number of views exceeds 1 billion when other websites and non-English versions are considered. No wonder the dying mainstream media outlets are so angry.

Curiously I remember no such response when NBC did a similar interview in 2021.

I’m just spitballin’ here, but maybe that could have something to do with the fact that he hadn’t invaded his neighbor or killed his mercenary army leader yet?

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