Tucker Carlson calls White Supremist a Hoax and pays a price

Tucker Carlson, a favorite among white supremacist groups, recently said on his television program that white supremacy is an overblown hoax. Apparently this has not sit well with logic and his advertisers

Should Carlson lose his nightly program over this? He’s apparently on a vacation.

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Yes. He’s a white supremacist.


Yes…mostly because of his stupid dumb look


Isn’t he on “vacation”?

Yep. He’s on “vacation”. Whenever their hosts say something completely out of line and advertisers complain, they all magically go on vacation.

There’s a reason why I stopped watching Fox after 2008.

I really dislike how he treats his guests.

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He’s definitely a white supremacist covering for his Proud Boy crew.

First, I have never seen Carlson’s show, so I am not authority on what his viewpoints generally are.
If he actually believes white supremacists are non existent, then he is wrong.
If, however, he meant that white supremacists were a small group with no power and that their significance other than through random acts of violence is exaggerated for political purposes, then he may have a point.

last week he mocked people with autism for having senoroy issues, telling them to stop being ■■■■■■■.

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They should keep him.

And encourage him to go further and say what he really thinks.


He said white supremacy was a “hoax”. What do you think he meant?

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This is contradicted by FBI Director Christopher Wray. Anybody who believes that White Supremacy is not an issue, is living in a fantasy world, especially when you consider what happened within the past week.

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Yes, an issue because of random acts of violence…just as I said.
Not a political power.

For a guy who claims he’s not a white supremacist, he certainly does their bidding. David Duke once again praised him.

I always got the feeling he was bullied a lot; seems like that kind of guy.

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Dude, you cannot logically defend Carlson here. He’s factually inaccurate. There’s no way around it. Him downplaying the rise of white supremacy is what is getting him in trouble.

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Hold my beer

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The guy did a scare piece about gypsies.

Let that sink in.


Tucker Carlson and Stephen Miller should get married and adopt a few children of color…

With a name like that as a kid…I bet the girls beat him up regularly.