Trump's subordinates disobey him

I think that’s the funniest part of the Mueller report - that his people don’t listen to him. His own employees slow walk or simply fail to act on his orders, and he’s such a numb nuts imbecile, he does nothing about it.


They saved him from himself. And what did most of them get as a reward? Layoff via tweet.

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How does the saying go? You’re supposed to take Trump seriously but not literally?

Disobeyed so that they won’t break the law. Protecting themselves and the country. Can we consider them patriots or nawl?

A patriot would have been honest about the situation this country is in long ago. Instead, they lie for him in public, pretend nothing is wrong, and then expect to be treated normally once it’s their turn to get booted out of the administration after one of Trump’s tempter tantrums.

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Good point. That’s a nawl

That’s the SNL version of Trump cabinet meetings… But, hey have fun with it. What else can the left do after eating noting burgers for two years. Now we got the 35 million dollar nothing burger. Served with media fake fries.


So you are saying the report in incorrect that members of Trumps administration did not refuse to carry out certain actions?

There is no doubt that this report illustrates time and time again Trumps complete lack of integrity and any sort of moral compass. I dont mean morality in a sexual way more along the lines of personal ethics.

Yep. This is interesting stuff.

The President tried to obstruct, but his staff blew him off.

The guy is the most powerful man in the world, and he fails at obstructing.




McGahn would have been a patriot if he had actually resigned when the President ordered him to do some “crazy ■■■■ “but didn’t because judges and corporate tax cuts are more important than having a dangerously unqualified criminal in the White House.

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Remember those stories in the Woodward book about the chief of staff stealing papers off of the President’s desk so he wouldn’t sign them?

Kind of lends credence to that story now.

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Context is everything. I could care less how the left interprets the nothing burgers from the petulant child’s report… . It’s funny this is all the left has to talk about from it.

Obama was so incompetent and stupid he killed thousands of civilians and caused the return of slavery in Libya… If that’s what you guys like, I’m glad I support Trump!

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Obama was a middling President who made a ton of unforced errors.

He is a mix of good and bad… not an extreme on either side.

History will remember him much better than deserved because of the Trump administration.


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Very interesting you refuse to answer the question. But this is a well worn tactic of you and other posters.

If someone refuses to clarify their position then they should not get all upset when people make assumptions.

I was not talking about the competence of doing the job of the President rather the character of a man.

Funny how Trump supporters continually deflect to either Obama or Clinton. Why are so many incapable of giving straightforward answers.


What report did Trump write?


Obama is the mold that trump should have tried to fit into. Instead he decided to be a non presidential idiot.

And it’s not the “left’s” interprétation that trump is unethical. It’s plain for all honest people to see.


I do the same thing for my boss almost every day.

They know that if they take their time he’ll soon see a new shiny and forget about what they’re not doing.

It’s always hard to know how to handle your boss telling you to do illegal ■■■■■ I’ve actually faced that situation, and chose to resign and talk to the authorities because I was not in a position to correct the problem from within. Some of the folks mentioned in Mueller’s report apparently were able to stop some of the illegal activity from within. My decision may have been different if I had been in a situation such as that.

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“Context is everything” is the answer… Obviously.

Obama got lots of people killed with incompetence. Name anything Trump has done near that bad.

Things are going great with Trump as president. Including the implosion of the left.