Trumps sister speaks

Remember when America was supposed to not like Obama because he had an estranged half brother in Kenya who is poor?


Stuff like this is crap, we all know it. It’s funny as hell, but it’s not a serious issue. Thing is, trump brings it all on himself. He almost asks for it. He always reminded me of a 4 year old who is just trying to figure out how to lie. He lies so much and so casually that it stuns a good percentage of us. If only he could keep his mouth shut and stop toilet tweeting, we wouldn’t be looking for this fun stuff.

“Some people say she was my sister, but I don’t think I ever met her”


“I support the policies, not the man.”

“What, libs care about character now?”

“So what?”


And the beat goes on.


I like a woman who doesn’t take some idiot loser’s BS. Even if it’s coming from her idiot brother.

If you remember his sister was a federal judge for life. Until she was told that she was going to be investigated for some financial dealings that she had with her brothers. And she immediately stepped down from the bench.


which came specifically because of this article

from which Mary trump gave the information

lol “self made man” - suuuure.

Trump pointing to the part of his body that makes only the best words.


James O’Keefe should be proud.

It was edited… .I know a few sound engineers and they could tell right away that it wasn’t a real recording … :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

She had taken inactive senior status in February 2017 and had performed no judicial duties after that date. She retired completely on February 11, 2019, and will draw retirement pay of $223,700 a year for life.

I saw the allegation when they were first made. It will take some time to find out who exactly engineered the fraud and to what extent. Fred Trump and Donald Trump are much more logical suspects for active conspirators in such a scheme, as Barry was a United States District Judge in the District of New Jersey at the time. I suspect Barry may have known what was going on but was not an active participant in the proceedings.

Another reason why Donald Trump is fighting release of his tax returns tooth and nail.


Hey - what do you know - a Trump is a Never Trumper.


That settles that then.

It’s still going to be hard to beat the recording where he was bragging about grabbing them by the ■■■■■

Guess you missed the sarcasm …lol

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Haha. O’Keefe does it. Why can’t Mary Trump?

When I heard that the Trump organization was comprised of somewhere around 450 companies, my first thought is that is what you need to do money laundering. And I don’t doubt that at any given time one of those companies might be under audit. I learned a lot from my Father-In-Law who worked for the commercial department of the IRS. And I can say to those folks who think that Trump is clean because the IRS didn’t find anything when he was audited, that is BS. A good CPA who knows IRS laws can move money around that many companies without raising any red flags.

Was about the people saying how they know video experts, and questioning the validity of Bidens speech…lol

Guys his whole life has been a ruse. Playing dumb, becoming president for dumb people, and all of this is so he can secretly swoop in and stop the massive elitist satanic child eating cult of Democrats. I heard it on the internet radio.