Trump's Selective Compassion

I wanted to start a thread on this topic before the next school shooting, but it appears I was too late. I guess we’ll have to see how the President reacts to this latest mass shooting.

Following the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed, it appears that the president has been selective when contacting the families of those killed.

The article gives accounts from the families who have not been contacted by the White House.The family of Meadow Pollack, who was killed during the shooting, has met with the President twice.

Two days after the shooting, Trump traveled to Parkland Florida and met with students of Stoneman Douglas. He then went to his Mara Largo resort.

Granted the President is not obligated to write letters, or make phone calls to the victims of these school shootings. He can’t be expected to call everyone. Yet …

These kinds of things are what anger me the most about Trump. It’s small, granted, but speaks volumes about the kind of person he is, his values, his priorities.

Why should he talk to people that oppose him? Are we supposed to pretend that these people aren’t terrible and anti-american just because they had a family tragedy? Lots of people have tragedy in their lives.

Exactly! It’s the exact same thing as why Jesus never talked to Muslims!

That’s very interesting.

It’s all very sad. Yet, embodies the Trump presidency to a tee.

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It’s incredibly simple and juvenile. He rewards those who kiss his ass. He treats with treats with extreme prejudice and vindictiveness those who he sees as opposition. It’s not about philosopy or morals or what’s right and wrong. It’s all about him. As it has been his whole life.

It’s very sad the horrible person your online persona has become over the past year or two. I hope that it truly is all an act and that in real life you’re not this cold hearted.

And yet, this is who Republicans want representing them. This is the face of their party.

There were no muslims in the time of Jesus. :laughing:

I see you are beginning to understand the humor of my statement. The humor is layered, though. There are multiple components to it.


I hate you!

Call me!


The President’s decision to contact families members of those killed should be based on whether or not they like him?



This is correct so just what is the point of the OP?

Please let me know how I missed your point.

Because the President did write a letter and met with one of the families. It seems as if he, or his staff, is picking or choosing which families to console. Which at best, is just lazy and at worst, vindictive.

I expect nothing less from Trump, who has demonstrated over and over that as a human being he is a terrible person.

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Anti gun liberals have exposed themselves willing to exploit the loss of loved ones to advance their 2nd Amendment repeal agenda, its a symptom of the disease of LIBERALISM.

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This is a great twofer!

I didn’t realize so many liberals lived in Texas.