Trump's Selective Compassion

Why should he be expected to call people who have expressed disdain for him, some of whom have already bragged about hanging up on a call from the White House?

Then we’d be seeing threads about how the president is harassing them.


Because they are Americans and he is the President. He, supposedly, represents all Americans.

So is he president of all Americans, or just the ones who worship him?

What kind of boor goes around bothering grieving families so they can update their tally of who called whom?

I mean seriously, who even thinks about something like that? Certainly not someone who cares one whit about the families.

Hooray you got a jab in and look like a petty boor in so doing. :+1:

Is he your president?

I’m not sure I follow. The White House contacted one family. Why didn’t they contact the others? If they didn’t reach out to anyone, then at least we could say they were being consistent. It wouldn’t be an issue.

Yes. Was Obama yours?


You still compare the cost of your gifts to that of your siblings’ gifts at Christmas, don’t you?

You represent the Trump base well. Keep it up.

Still didn’t vote for him.


Equal contact by the President is the big issue by people who hate him anyway? I do congratulate on being able to be outraged over a complete non issue, and creating that issue in the first place.

If he had contacted the parents of all those victims, then why would he not contact victims of other gun violence elsewhere?

We need to set up a commission to investigate the equality of Presidential contact for victims.

Of course he is.

Ah, the troll-in-chief make an appearance on the new forum. I’d hoped that you might have used this opportunity to give up the act; you can’t still be laboring under the delusion that it’s funny, clever or insightful.

I’m not outraged. This is just another example of what kind of person Donald Trump is.

He appears to have contacted only one of the families. Why?

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