Trumps says republicans might not vote in 2022 or 2024 elections

They basically have over & over.


Pray tell which parts of my evaluation are wrong.

Most of them.

In places like Arizona, the left isn’t in a position to “allow” anything. Republicans run the state, and they still can’t find any fraud.



That water bottle looks like it’s about to become part of the #metoo movement. Is there anything that dude does that isn’t off the creep meter?

what an embarrassment. i can’t believe people use this person as example of alpha male. :rofl:


Trump is like a hillbilly Chauncey Gardner.

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Not so sure about that.

I’m not so certain. His age and health is of concern. He may die in office at the pace he is going.

Yeah it depends, but he is in pretty good shape and is still plenty sharp. We have Senators a decade older than him running for reelection.

In many ways it’s not the elections in 2022 that are important.

It’s the one taking place NOW. THIS yea.


Because these are local elections for things like school boards (to control what the next generation of kids get taught) and local election officials (because they were the ones who stopped Trump’s coup attempt last time).

To me, Trump…isn’t very direct- in that I mean forthcoming. With addressing some of the issues or his predictions, at least. With labeling people he saves no breath.

How are we censored here?

Posts are deleted by the moderators.

Are you speaking of those deleted for a TOS violation? A situation where it is not so much what you said, but how you said it?

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they are already caving.

Could it be that it is almost 12 months since the 2020 presidential election and there has been no evidence found of consequential election fraud?

Which is censorship…right? So this site can have TOS violations but Twitter cannot?

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