Trump's response to the Irainian attack. Agree?

In my opinion, Iran launched those missiles to save face. They don’t want to be crushed by us. Do you favor Trump letting things cool down and not shooting back? What should his response have been?

Well Trump seems to think he should have:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

He’s since been told by cooler heads how stupid that would be

Right now it looks like a deliberate miss.

It’s as if a schoolyard bully got chased off the playground, and now he’s standing across the street shouting, “Oh yeah? Well YOUR MOTHER!!”

I said in another thread that I would be disappointed if our military didn’t act swiftly, decisively, and harshly in response to an Iranian response. I would have wanted each and every launch site to be obliterated as quickly as we could have pushed the launch button. Last night I was feeling that way. Today, though, I’m not so sure, given the results of the Iranian response.

His response is exactly how it should of been. No escalation, no war.

I am skeptical that he holds true to that, given his history, but I’ll take what I can get right now.


Same. He gets credit for the time being

Yes he does have a history of killin people who need killin. It is possible that he may, in the future send another terrorist to meet Allah. But he is definitely starting to run out of targets. So there’s that.

I agree with you. I think Iran wanted a way out. Trump let them out without further bloodshed. I’m okay with that.

It’s a crazy world when the Iranians are the coolest heads in teh room…

I’m glad that Trump flip flopped on his crazy tweet position and let this lie.

Speaking of lying, how does everyone feel about the president telling us he would obliterate Iran if they launched an attack on our positions, then not doing anything when Iran launched an attack on our positions?

Again, I am glad the Iranians warned us before firing and intentionally missed, sparring our soldiers lives and preventing unavoidable escalation, but I just wish Trump wouldn’t bluster and lie all over the internet. It’s embarrassing. And it’s a huge tell that he has no idea what he is doing.

I am glad that the President is choosing to not escalate this further.

He is making the right choice.


That would probably have been a wasted effort on third rate systems.

Good call by Trump…He kept his focus.

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Noted. :call_me_hand:

I am in this case glad that Trump is mostly all bluster and rarely follows up on his word

The coolest heads trampled 300 people and likely brought down a commercial airliner.

Just for reference.




He got them to reply by basically doing nothing out of fear. The Iranians have not feared a response from us in decades. Well played Mr. President.

Trump did good this time.


What do you base this on?

Libs…classic. Not matter what they aren’t happy.

I think it’s pretty obvious on this one. Technical issues dont typically result in the plane combusting in mid-air like that one did

That’s tough for you to say that. Kudos for man-ing up and doing it anyway. :+1: