Trumps Newest Arch Foe: Airplanes

Ladies and gentlemen, The President speaks:

I don’t think there is an adequate reaction gif I can post here, so allow me to just say



I’m not sure he thought that one through. Definitely not one of his more salient tweets.

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He thinks through his tweets?


The President yells at planes to own the libs.


Why grieve the loss of 150+ lives in a plane crash when you can make an old-man rant about technology?


Fun reminder! Trump had an airline once:

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Is that what triggered this? I suppose it makes sense to not mention the victims at all and instead rant about how bad a pilot Albert Einstein would be in some bizzaro universe.

Anti-intellectualism is what got Donald to where he is today. Imagine when someone famous dies on the operating table:

“I miss the days when people would operate on themselves with a dull blade and some whisky! Why do we need all this technology and over educated doctors when people keep dying anyway? SAD!”


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a segment on F&F this morning.

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Apparently the Boeing planes in question need a software update to fix the issue. Trump could have said something about that. But … he chooses to question all airplanes. Which is … not the route I would have taken.


Mans feet were not meant to leave the ground!


I guess I should clarify that “thinking through” means someone else at the helm of the tweet :smirk:

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The President also has the FAA. He could actually do something about the problem instead of sending an insane tweet.

Don’t tell him that! The idiot is liable to try and ground all flights in the US until “the issue is fixed.”

This would require effort.

If God wanted you to fly he’d get you a plane with your name on it.

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Thank you for voting for this pile of ■■■■■ .

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Why should he care its from a ■■■■ hole country / sarcasm

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He’s correct. Technology will definitely make pilots obsolete.

Fat donald is just a straight up idiot. Why not just write a simple tweet like the one below?