Trump's comments on Fox regarding Cohen

"Asked about Cohen’s work representing him, Trump claimed that Cohen only handled “a tiny, tiny little fraction” of his legal work.

“I have many attorneys,” Trump said.

“He represents me like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me,” the President continued, referencing Cohen’s payment to Daniels and work negotiating a hush agreement with the porn actress. “You know, from what I see, he did absolutely nothing wrong. There were no campaign funds going into this, which would have been a problem.”

Trump also shrugged off Cohen’s decision to plead the Fifth Amendment in the civil case filed by Daniels against him. During the campaign, Trump criticized Hillary Clinton staffers who pleaded the Fifth Amendment in the email probe.

“Because he has got other things. He has businesses,” Trump answered on “Fox and Friends” when asked why Cohen is pleading the Fifth. “I hope he’s in great shape. But he has got businesses, and his lawyers probably told him to do that. But I’m not involved.”

Two things.

First, Trump always telegraphs stuff. So when he says stuff like “There weren’t any turtles there” you know that there were turtles there. Why did he even mention “There were no campaign funds going into this…”? Now I’m wondering what stuff campaign funds went in to.

Second, why isn’t he condemning Cohen for pleading the Fifth? He’s done that over and over. Selective Trump yet again.

Btw he openly admitted here that he lied about his knowledge of Cohen and Stormy Daniels.


oopsie doopsie:

Lol! This orange pile of ■■■■ has foot in mouth disease.

Take what he says seriously, not literally!!


That’s not how court works, or foreign relations for that matter. Trump just ****** Cohen, and maybe himself.

Hey Mole, it looks like one of your words bypassed the language filter.

Cheers, not sure how the filter misses that one. Or what the current rules are for that matter.

How does he get away with this ■■■■?

(It’s a rhetorical question, and a tired one, but still . . . )


Yow. What an insanely bat**** interview.


Wow! What a complete moron. He’s not smart enough to keep track of all the lies he tells.

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Mueller will eat his orange ass for breakfast.

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There’s the suggestion that the 1.3 million payment that Cohen facilitated to the playboy bunny to have an abortion for the GOP fundraiser guy may not have in fact been for the GOP fundraiser guy. Stormy’s lawyer openly hinted at it.

And we of course know of another Cohen client who likes them playboy bunnies.

So if that pans out, we’re going to see how he gets away with paying for an abortion too :grin:. I’m sure the evangelicals will find a way.

There’s just a–[kisses fingers like a chef]–soupçon of the John Edwards situation about this, yes.

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True, though Edwards became a pariah for his conduct and Republicans seem incapable of imagining anything horrid enough to make them quit The Donald.

I’m sure they’ve go Trump now… Lucy and the football.

So, in one bat ■■■■ crazy interview with the Presidential Daily Briefing Team, aka Fox n’ Frens, President Trump not only proves he’s been lying the entire time by now saying Cohen DID represent him on the Stormy Daniels deal (he has been maintaining he hadn’t and it was all Cohen) he also said that Cohen only did a “tiny” fraction of his legal work, which will destroy any claim that whatever was seized from Cohen is privileged information and the US Attorney is licking his chops.


but but but Bill Clinton

Sounds like a new conspiracy theory is brewing here, and this one seems to involve turtles.

I think “Stupid Watergate” is an apt description.


I just can’t figure out why President Trump is having such a hard time attracting top legal talent.

I’m sure Rudy will smooth things over.